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IMPORTANT: concerning tattoo events!

Hi all!

SO, An issue came to my attention and it's been FIXED, so you can now RSVP again as normal! If you were interested in March, and tried to rsvp before but couldn't, NOWS YOUR CHANCE!

[8pm slot has been taken by the person who alerted me to the issue, so just 2 more slots left!]

REMEMBER: Tatt events are for consults (to lock in the lower rate), wall art/reserve design for future tattoo (flickers and bolts at a lower price), AND small tattoos!

So very sorry for my oversight! I really appreciate when folk take the time to ask when they are not sure on something, cause it could alert me to an issue I never knew about!

Once again, thank you for your interest and consideration in my work! Hope you are treating yourself with much love!

Bye for now,

Jainai Jeffries

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