top of page Guest spot @ constellation tattoo! June 3rd (tatt event) + June 4th

Hi all!

I'll be guest spotting at Constellation tattoo June 3rd and June 4th!

Constellation tattoo

6635 N Baltimore Ave. Suite 292

Portland, OR 97203

  • June 3rd tattoo event: 2 of the 3 slots have been filled!

  • June 4th: can be booked on the event page! Same operation as my normal booking, just at a different location (and using the event page to book, rather than the book page).

(I'm also using this to inform those 2 rsvp of the location change (I'll send a 2nd more direct email as well)! Perhaps Constellation is a bit closer to you! If not, and you need to cancel, please let me know!)

Thank ya'll again for your consideration and support!


Jainai Jeffries

P.S. Please don't forget about the MAY newsletter perk mentioned in the last blog! (Non-Benefiters: check your email history/spam. Benefiters: sign in and view the blog history)!

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