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fyd mi ink anniversary + Newsletter transfer

Hello all!

I hope you all are doing well!

I'm supposed to be on "vacation", but...I really don't know how! I did finally touch one of my comics, "Delayed Reaction", so REALLY hope to finish before heading back to work mode (which i technically haven't fully left still).

ANYWAY, so I've decided to make THIS the main newsletter for now on, as I believe it'll be FAR more convenient for non-Benefiter folk (especially if they do decide to become Benefiters): Subscribing here means account perks like:

  • Access to order history

  • Manage event RSVP

  • Manage bookings

  • Use Loyalty rewards

  • More convenience to become a Benefiter (since it's one step away) and access the |.B.| exclusive areas (which include the previous blogs and Benefiter exclusive content of these engagement posts).

If you don't want to receive these, but like the other perks, then you can simply unsubscribe.

So if you are a non-benefiter, you'll only be able to see this (the non-exclusive portions) in your email. While Benefiters can go to the blog and see the full content AND previous "newsletters".

4th Anniversary...

'fÿd mí ink' will be completing it's FOURTH year, March 1st, 2023 !

As with the years before, All those who celebrate will be automatically entered into a raffle! More info

All thanks to those who supported and trusted my unorthodox ways! For 5th yr anniversary, I'll make things a bit exclusive for all previous tattoo clients!

Looking forward to tattooing even more this year! And hopefully moving back to LA this summer! (all info will be shared in this newsletter once ready)!

· Benefiter Exclusive ·

Hey ya'll,

February is exclusively for Benefiters to book tattoo sessions/consultations! You probably already knew, but I'm still supposed to be on "Vacation" and don't have anything really to---OH, I can show ya'll a few page sneak peek of my portion of a comic anthology I contributed to!...

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