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Friday 13th tattoo event : designs are LIVE

Hi All!

Finished the 13 designs for the Friday 13th tattoo event on Sept. 13th!!

As benefiters, you have the option of reserving ya design online AND the option of paying your selected rate in person or in an online invoice!

Feel free to let me know what ya think! Or better yet, reserve a design before some other mofo grabs it!

Also, thank you so much again for the support! I know I've been....more active than I've ever been. I'll work on balancing that out more! What with, the commission promos, the updates, the...worrying on my end...I'll work on doing better in spacing things out! With finally accepting how dire things are, it's a sudden advanced version of a thing I've been struggling through for 1.5 yrs or so now, and I'm afraid I'm just still adjusting. Thank you for your patience!


Jainai Jeffries

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