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fine-art store + http://fydmi.ink membership


fydmi.ink membership

To those Benefit supporters with site membership access, you're now able to sign up for membership on http://fydmi.ink .

  1. Be a Benefit supporter at 'Human' or higher level.

  2. Go to http://fydmi.ink

  3. input password, fydmibeta , to access the full site.

  4. A lightbox will pop up in about a second.

  5. There, it will invite those in the proper Benefit levels to sign-uo/log-in.

  6. We'll approve your membership as soon as we can.

Currently, we're still looking for a space, so the site is not yet operational. We just figured it wouldn't hurt for Supporters with membership access to sign-up before it officially launched if they wanted.

fine-art store

If you don't already know: One of the unique features of fÿd mí ink | tattoo boutique , are pre-made designs/art called "flickers": original tattoo designs that'll be on display in the boutique instead of "flash", where if a client chooses it (as either a tattoo, or just wall art), it'll be taken down forever and given to them. Example of the latest one made:

AND SO, I thought it would be cool if only Benefit Supporters with site access, also had exclusive access to buy flickers and other traditional one of a kind artwork online, while everyone else can only see/buy them by coming to the boutique in person: Not all flickers and such artwork will be publicly displayed on http://fydmi.ink .

So please feel free to check out the fine-art store : under the 'order' tab. The "out of order" ones are not actually out of order, they'll be available once I sign a space lease.

The prices in store and online will be the same, and will have the option of "purpose": wall art or tattoo. More info in the f.a.q. or fydbac.com, and the f.a.q. of fydmi.ink.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the set up and info: anything that may be confusing, hard to read, or make suggestions. All input is welcome!

Back to finishing overnights, concepts, and the last PRO piece.

Kind Regards!


P.S. I you have trouble following the directions listed above for fydmi.ink membership, please let em know!

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