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fine-art store + membership

Hello! membership

To those Benefit supporters with site membership access, you're now able to sign up for membership on .

  1. Be a Benefit supporter at 'Human' or higher level.

  2. Go to

  3. input password, fydmibeta , to access the full site.

  4. A lightbox will pop up in about a second.

  5. There, it will invite those in the proper Benefit levels to sign-uo/log-in.

  6. We'll approve your membership as soon as we can.

Currently, we're still looking for a space, so the site is not yet operational. We just figured it wouldn't hurt for Supporters with membership access to sign-up before it officially launched if they wanted.

fine-art store

If you don't already know: One of the unique features of fÿd mí ink | tattoo boutique , are pre-made designs/art called "flickers": original tattoo designs that'll be on display in the boutique instead of "flash", where if a client chooses it (as either a tattoo, or just wall art), it'll be taken down forever and given to them. Example of the latest one made:

AND SO, I thought it would be cool if only Benefit Supporters with site access, also had exclusive access to buy flickers and other traditional one of a kind artwork online, while everyone else can only see/buy them by coming to the boutique in person: Not all flickers and such artwork will be publicly displayed on .

So please feel free to check out the fine-art store : under the 'order' tab. The "out of order" ones are not actually out of order, they'll be available once I sign a space lease.

The prices in store and online will be the same, and will have the option of "purpose": wall art or tattoo. More info in the f.a.q. or, and the f.a.q. of

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the set up and info: anything that may be confusing, hard to read, or make suggestions. All input is welcome!

Back to finishing overnights, concepts, and the last PRO piece.

Kind Regards!


P.S. I you have trouble following the directions listed above for membership, please let em know!

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