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February 2020 | promo codes! + NEW SERVICE

Hey all!

Hope your first month went well personally!

And especially hope ya were able to find joys to offset the tragedies!

May this next month, black american celebration month, treat you do some bomb ass cookout food to ya soul!!


New Service | 1hr sketches

A new take on the gone but not forgotten, 'stream sketch'! One full hour working on your sketch! No matter where it leads: Line, light shading, or some color.

And they will be STREAMED:

Ya'll the first to hear of it, so feel free to snag a time before non-benefiters get they musty hands on it!

As per norm, new services are discounted! [I am sorry to ask, but please don't use any discount codes till the price is set to a normal rate.]


As always, thank you SO much for your support! If last month kicked your ass, I'm positive you'll get your revenge soon enough!


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