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December newsletter/benefiter perks!

Hello all!

So sorry for missing November! It's been a rough start in moving back to LA. Finally did some tattoos during the last 2 weeks of November, so that definitely lifted my spirits!

Still working on due commissions, but mostly trying to promote to get tattoo bookings. Seems like I need 2 things the most, 1: word of mouth, just folk spreading word about me and convincing others to book + 2: Someone or thing with major influence, putting a spotlight on me.

Thankfully folks do indeed partake in the 1st. But the 2nd...

ANYWAY, a way to show my appreciation to those who successfully have someone book with me:

$100 credit for EACH successful referral! Simply have someone mention your full name or @ in the consent form "referral" section, and that'll be your credit! Before your own session, you just gotta ask if you have any credit!

ALSO, got THREE tattoo events this month!

Please pass along to anyone looking to get a tattoo NO ONE IN THIS WORLD has!!

Once more and always, thank ya'll so much for the support! Here are the newsletter perks for all!!!

[NOTE: before your session starts, just ask for the perk to be applied when you arrive!]


Non-benefiters (All benefiters may activate this as well) :

$50 off tattoo flat rate

$50 off any flat rate pre-design (blinks and FLO designs).


ALSO: psst, hey non-benefiters...the $3 'human tier' can now be joined (monthly or yearly), for a limited time! Take advantage to unlock LOWER RATES while you can!!


EXCLUSIVE Benefiter perks (remember, using these will count as 1 of your 2 allowed Benefiter perks during a tattoo project!):....

Basic Benefiters (Seed and Epi level only):

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