Commission queue addition + i.p.m. page 44

Hello All!

Just a quick blog of slight updates and reminders:

  • On the commission queue (trello), I added a "fydbac day". Where we'll try to update with what we're working on during the day.

  • The queue can be found under "benefits". If you have trouble accessing, or it says you don't have permission, when your level says you should, please let us know and we'll look into it!

  • Art fund + Art request + Supporter survey: Please don't forget these from the last blog, especially if you have not done the survey yet. The fund and art request forms are under the "benefits" tab as well :)

  • i.pity.mé subscription: i.pity.mé subscription (to get immediately notified of page updates, like the new pg today), you must sign up yourself, just as you do in signing up for the membership there (and fÿd mí ink in the future). So please visit the page and scroll down a bit to the subscription sign up :)

  • Or sign up for the membership there (if you have the 'site membership' level). ~Hopefully the site host will have a way of connecting memberships across sites owned by the same client someday.

Okay, That's it for now.

Thank you for everything! Go and make this week your bitch!



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