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Bolt 001

Hi all!

I haven't been notifying when I update the exclusive store, but this is extra special cause it's the first BOLT design! I meant to do a quick flicker before hopping on another due commission, but this idea popped up and because I'm so late on i.p.m. pages...I know I was dealing with bad habits again: no self love and just client client client.

So I threw it to the wind and went for it.

This made me so...ecstatic. (having not worked on ipm or the concept commissions, it feels like I haven't felt it in far too long. Bad habit too long. [I've been focused on finishing the last due illustration sketch commissions for the past 2 weeks].

[The tattoo giveaway on monday felt good, but the afterglow was a bit soured when I found myself wishing they had tipped.]].

ANYWAY, this was inspired by Ngandjera people's. I feel there needs to be more than the same yt character in the tattooing community: Seriously, 90% of all human female characters of tattoos look like the same yt woman character. Plus, more reflection of cultures beyond native american (90% are a yt woman in a ceremonial headdress though) and stereotypical "g*psy".

OH, and I've decided to call my "geometric" or neo tribal style: FLO. Which there are now 2 branches of: 'FLO', and 'blk am flo'. [More info on that is on my instagram].

Well, thanks for reading my babble, I'm very excited to do more of these, with the bonus perk of contributing more explorative subjects to the tattooing community!

Thank you very much for your support as always! Now I'm off to work on tailor-mades, adopts, and i.p.m.!



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