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Art Tutoring

Hello all!

Now that I have the space, I can finally fully initiate the Art tutoring in-person perk!


It's not teaching, no lessons, it's simply art advice ranging from anatomy, concepting, art career approaches, etc.: So an art approach/art career advisor service.

I feel the convenience of online should be a Benefiter perk, and it felt more fair to just offer it to Prince level and higher. After chatting with a fellow artist, I realized I was falling into the habit of selling myself short ($5 level for 1 hour of my time? Seems unfair). My priority isn't to attract folk to sign up, it's just to be fair on ALL sides from the get go! Be fairly compensated so I won't feel like I'm neglecting my own projects, ...again.

So to not fall back into the habit of allowing work for others (money) stop my original content dead, the non-benefit member rate and the rate for additional lessons for Benefit members, are made to compensate that. I don't want this service to be a main income at all. Just a way for me to share my experience, while being sure I'm compensated.

Someday, when things are settled, I do want to be free enough to volunteer my time to help advise others. But these days can't afford that shit, as I can barely afford my own time myself! ( Plus, I'm (trying to be) done with neglected myself in hopes of getting more money).

Please feel free to review and let me know if the info is confusing, clear, unfair, or etc.!

Once more and for-fucking-ever, thank you so much for your support!!


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