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April 2019 | promo codes!

Hi Benefiters!

Sorry for the delay in posting!!

Promo codes for this month are ready to be exploited!!

Human an higher: get this free art! Or better yet...TATTOO.

OH, or better better yet, sponsor more comic pages! http://ipity.me is going well in it's weekly updates, (albeit a day slow half the time)! Struggling to make time for http://twitter.com/kill_limit and the venom x brock comic. And still gotta put an hour or so sponsored work into the black panther x storm porn comic.

So much I wanna do! But with your support (and future members), I can afford the time!


Once more and always, thank you for the support!! Out of a majority who say I don't fit their brand, you are the ones who feel otherwise: I greatly appreciate it, just gives me hope there are folk other than myself that have love for my brand!

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