3 new flickers designs | #24 - #26

[The controller can be substituted]


Back story: So while looking for a space, I asked a few folks (employees I'd chat with frequently at the stores I frequent ) to pitch a concept they'd be interested in getting tattooed: I'd then 2 three versions, and if they just happened to like one, then it'd give it to them for free: both the art, and as a tattoo.

This was the last (about 4 took me up on it): His prompted was a pig holding a game controller, or playing video games. I forget which. But as these are supposed to be quick, I just went with 3 versions of a pig and a ps controller. I also told them that I'd still display it for anyone else to take, so if they wanted it, they'd just need to come by the boutique to pick it up :)

This way, I felt I wouldn't oblige them to take something they didn't really want and was simply being nice about it.

I'll be posting the promo codes soon as well!

Once more and forever fucking more, thank you for your support!

Bye for now,


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