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About travel tattooing

Please read thru the following if interested in having me travel out to YOU; either house call or for an event. Travel fees cover everything except for the tattoo itself; transportation, any hotel, pet sitter, and other such travel expenses. As well as your convenience of having me leave my secure familiar sanitized space.



Travel fee is ADDITIONAL to tattoo project costs, which is "day rate"(if custome piece) or "flat rate" (if pre-made design). So one must calculate day rate/flat fee + travel fee in their consideration of this convenience.


Travel MUSTS, non-negotiable:

  • Tattoo area must be in a bare room or space (at least 10 x 10), and a private bathroom.

  • If local, my dog may need to come with me; who will be safely crated during our stay.

  • Fee must be paid AFTER travel contract has been signed and BEFORE booking date!

  • Upon arrival, payment for day rate must be paid before I set up.

  • Location: of my choosing (possibly hotel). Unless you prefer to choose: which I'd need to approve (i'd requests pics of exterior and interior) and will require an additional fee on top of the travel fee.

These are NON NEGOTIABLE and NON REFUNDABLE (no exceptions). If one tries to bargain, that marks the end of my consideration.


Travel distances:

  • Travel fee: The fee to be prepaid IN FULL before I prepare for the travel/session. Tattoo cost to be paid upon arrival.

  • distance limit: How far I must travel to reach you.

  • minimum stay: the minimum duration of my stay.

  • Client choice location fee: if the client chooses the location, which MUST include a bare clean space with a private clean bathroom. Pics and space dimensions must be approved.


  • $3000

  • within 2 hrs from Los Angeles**

  • 5 hours

  • +$1000 fee


  • $6000

  • More than United states

  • 4 days

  • +$2000


  • $6,000

  • Safe to travel

  • 1 week

  • +$3000

* Currency for all fees will to be converted to that of your location currency.

** Even if 3hrs from my location, it will be counted as 'Domestic travel'.


Examples (using my 2023 rates):

  • 2hrs from my location ($3000) + 5 hr session ($1400 day rate) = $4400

  • New York ($3000) + your location choice (+$2000) + 3 hr session($1400) = $6400

  • London ($6000) + your location choice ($3000) + 10hr session ($1400) = $10,400

  • Canada ($6000) + my location choice ($0) + 10hr session split over 2 days ($2800) = $8800

Want me at a venue to tattoo your guests?

  • Your total payment (travel + day rate), can cover up to TWO guests (which includes the host if they decide to get a tattoo).

  • More than 2 guest = $1000 per person. To be paid BEFORE starting each additional guest.


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