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About pre-made designs

. What are flash designs .

Are what you see on the walls of most typical tattoo studios. The boutique will never have 'flash'.


I DO NOT have flash, as I never repeat or recycle designs. What I offer are Blinks + FLO, since ALL pre-made designs....

  • Are a flat rate price!

  • Can be bought as wall art alone or as a tattoo.

  • Original premade artworks for both wall art and tattoo, where if chosen, will be taken down forever and never repeated on another. Once gone, they're GONE.

  • Change requests are only for the tattooed versions and very limited.

Full collection of available pre-mades can be found on....

Blinks .

Blink, and the design is gone FOREVER! I NEVER repeat: 

  • Blink sheets [baby blinks]: small designs presented together on a single sheet: Highly recommended for 'tattoo events'. Size and design can be expanded on. (at extra cost)

  • Medium blinks: must be AT LEAST 6 inches. Can be sized up. CANNOT be sized down. Minimum changes allowed.

  • Large blinks: must be AT LEAST 10 inches. CANNOT be sized down. Minimum changes allowed.

+Benefiter perk

Automatically offered at a lower rate than what is given to non-benefiters: Even LOWER during tattoo events!

+Tattoo Event perk

Lower rates: flat, hourly, and day!

Reserve a design |.

Original design was taken? |.

Request a "fam member" of the design! Meaning a new piece with the same subject and style! The result will NOT be a copy of the original, simply inspired by it / based on the same theme. Hence, "fam"



Once the original design is taken, it becomes a "fam", with family members: where folk can get a new design of the same subject and style + different everything else. Hence, different design, but same "fam"(family). Example: blink #46 fam

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