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About fydbac

Jainai Jeffries, an AfroAmerican artist born and raised in Los Angeles, who is the owner and sole artist of fydbac, llc: An artistry whose mission is to forsake the mundane and cliche by pursuing unexplored or rare through comics, tattooing, illustration, concept design, and more. Operating as a full time freelance artist since October 2009, current career goal is to achieve complete creative/storytelling freedom: transition away from 'freelance' and more toward having their original content be their main source of income. As of March 2019, they've been operating their own private tattooing boutique, fÿd mí ink, where they specialize in original tattoos and artwork: no copying, no tracing, no mimicking.


As a dualistic nihilist, they aim to create stories that reflect perspectives that they've never seen before, or give justice to ones that's been half assed for the sake of delusional, unrealistic, positivity.

They also have a cbr600RR, 1 cat + 1 doberman (@dobe.fyd ), and (beside the above goal) after moving back to LA (hopefully 2023), I intend to do a US Domestic guest artist tour, then an international one, so sign up for the newsletter to not miss the news if I'll be near you!


Pronouns | she/hir/they for business. Otherwise, whatever you think.

Physical business | fÿd mí ink . Tattoo boutique

Primary Social hubs [in order] | Twitter . Instagram . Youtube

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