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About fyd mi ink

fÿd mí ink is a custom tattoo boutique. Owned and operated solely by Jainai Jeffries, owner of fydbac, llc. All artwork is derived from imagination and style nurtured by a 10+yr art career: No copying, no mimicking, no tracing, no googling.

The tattooing artistry and on-site location of fydbac, llc: the art career of Jainai Jeffries, In operation since Fall 2009, and established as an LLC in 2017. Where their goal is to eradicate the mundane, mediocre, and the cliche through original illustrations/paintings, comics, concept design, and more.

At the tattoo boutique, there will be no 'flash, no imitating, mimicry, or recycling of any designs or artwork. No outside references (unless previously approved): We simply talk during consultation, and create a design from scratch. The design is made from our verbal communication and imagination alone.

Instagram . @fydbac

Best place to review the full range of my work: updated daily!


What to expect

  • Disposable needles and tubes/cartridges: which are only freshly opened once you are in the chair.

  • Release form addressing your health and understanding of the tattoo procedure.

  • And of course, a clean environment!

  • See 'About Booking' for more info.

Specialized tattooing:

All tattoos are pitched with the intention of complimenting ones body flow, no matter how small, as opposed to simply being a "slap on sticker" from the start. The styles I prefer to focus on are all my own, no mimicry, no imitating, no tracing!:

  • Illustrative/fulline

  • Flo

  • Blk Am Flo


Fan art is a-ok! But it'll be in MY OWN style. Example: A client wants Vegeta from 'Dragon Ball Z' anime series: I will draw him myself.

  • Feel free to explore instagram or to see what I'm capable of.

WILL NOT tattoo...

  • Work I didn't create myself: No tracing, copying, or mimicking.

  • Previous work I've done: No reusing/recycling.

  • External imagery/styles [client providing an exact image they didn't create themselves]: google, pinterest, etc..

  • Mediocre, cliche, or just plain boring ideas.

  • Photo realism.

  • Stand alone script (where it's just text and nothing else).

Genital tattoos

Fee: +$1000 (anus is +$2000)

Tattoos within a 2 inch circumference of any genitals (vagina, penis, scrotum, asshole), will require this additional fee. Which does NOT go toward the tattoo itself. Such areas require more care, and have more risk, so the fee is necessary and not negotiable.

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