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Benefit Program


About Funds

FUND PERKS are Art fund, gift cards, and codes:

  • Non Benefiters: can only use ONE perk per project

  • Benefiters: can use up to TWO perks per project

'Art fund' is to help those who'd like to gradually save up for their own art piece: whether a tattoo, wall art, or etc, this fund will assist you. Like some other perks of the program, the Art Fund varies with each level.

Set up your art fund by joining

  • Art funds are INVALIDATED if you leave the program for more than 24 hours and haven't cashed out or switched to a different level.


Benefiters may only use up to TWO benefiter perks per project, folks usually have the fund fill ONE of the two perk allowed, and use the "automatic lower rate" as the 2nd allowed perk.

FUND Usage

Art funds can be used for Tattoos (custom and pre-mades) and other art commissions, (sketch, adopts, etc.).

Concerning tattoos:

If your fund can cover the ENTIRE session (flat rate, hourly, or day rate), I ask you only use it to pay for 90% of the session cost, OR give at least $150. This fund limit doesn't apply if my books are closed for at least 2 months before I reopen!

One is STILL saving by using the lower rate + fund.

FUND use during tattoo Guest Spots:

  • May only be used to pay up to 50% to 75% of the session.

Guest spots are when I am tattooing at a location (my host) temporarily. Each location have their own procedures, of which I fully abide by, which includes a minimum rate they request artists charge.

During guest spots, If your art fund / credit can fully cover the tattoo, I must ask you only use it to pay for at most HALF of the session cost. The remaining credit being saved for later use!

Benefiter Art fund Levels

If the level is not listed, then it does not have an Art fund.

Unless otherwise stated, Art funds:

  • Saved/unused cashed out funds, do not expire.

  • Have no maximum limit.

  • Accumulation is the same as your member level per month: As long as you have at least 1 month of accumulation, you can cash out.

  • Art funds expire if you leave the program for more than 24 hours and haven't cashed out or switched to a different level.

  • Art funds are forfeit if you do not cash out before "Reset".


All f.a.q. entries are true and up to date. They reserve the right to change without warning, so please be sure to check back for any possible changes, (which usually only effect new Benefiters. If a change effects active Benefiters, they will be fully informed in an engagement email).



Cash outs can be saved, collected and combined for future use: So you MUST cash out BEFORE they reset if you want to save the accumulation and combine for a later use!


Changing levels?

Once you join a level with an 'art fund', you will always have an art fund that accumulates at your level amount, as long as you are a member.

  • So if you join at Epind $5, then later change to Star Dust $1, then your monthly accumulation will change accordingly.

  • Art funds are only forfeit if you leave the program for more than 24 hours and don't cash out.


Epi level: 1st Cash out at 9 months = $90 promo code. 2nd cash out at 11 months = $110 promo code.

How to SAVE your art fund:

Basic Benefiters (before "Prince" level), where your fund expires Dec. 31st, you MUST save your fund by using the following:

Cash out form:

Go to / 'Benefit program' tab / Art fund

Applying the fund is NOT automatic, it is your own responsibility to inquire about using it.


Gift cards: 

Store gift cards

See "store" tab on


Tattoo gift cards

  • Go to the Gift card page: found on under the "store" tab.

  • Input the promo code you receive.

  • Fill out the order as normal (total should be $0 unless you add more than what the promo code covers).

You should be able to check your remaining amount by signing into or whatever email receipt you receive.


Gift cards DO NOT work in the stores at this time! Gift cards are ONLY for tattooing and booking!


What are monthly gift cards/ promo codes

Benefiters get monthly bonuses they can use towards commissions, merch, or even tattoos.

See uses above.

  • Where to access: See under 'Benefit Program' tab on

art fund

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