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About Contacting


Ensure these emails are on your SAFE list, to help avoid messages from going to your spam or email magic void!

Where to contact .|

FIRST TIME CONTACTING: (please never multi-message).


Current clients:

  • Instagram DM or txt 424-236-2382

  • texting and dm are exclusive to current clients. 


  • I ONLY accept contact through the the means mentioned here.

  • Please never message us through more than one access point at a time. We will not reply to any of them.

  • Trying to contact us through anywhere else does not guarantee a reply.

Contact about Active commissions |

Provide your Wix# (example: wix#10222) OR Service# (characo150, adopt20-175, day-sketch403, etc.)

  • You only get a Wix# when I send you an invoice. Your Order is NOT active before that point.

  • I'm afraid I have too many services, and too many clients to keep track by name alone.

  • I WILL NOT look for your order by your name alone: It'll be INCREDIBLY inconveniencing to look through EACH service trying to find you, and impossible if you contacted me by a name you didn't mention in the order).

When to contact if art is delayed |

On the off chance I am delayed, I will send update emails no less than twice a month: which typically just says it's still on my plate. If the delivery time frame (14-21 business days) has passed...

  • Please allow a grace period of TWO WEEKS of no update before emailing me: at that point, you'd know for sure the emails were eaten or you missed it (check spam and search "fydbac").

  • Please don’t email me before that time, (like a day after the delivery time frame): as it’s very distracting. If I had something, I would have sent it. So emailing me about it will incur no results besides me saying “I’m sorry I’m delayed, please be patient”.

  • Though a deadline is a deadline no matter the project type (sketch or pro), I cannot keep a continuous update on sketch commissions as I would Pro. I ask you keep more patience for sketch commissions, and do not distract me before the time frames mentioned.

The biggest reasons for one not seeing their art delivered is:

  • They forget to check the inbox of the email they told me to deliver to.

  • They forget to check their invoice for when their piece will be delivered.

So here's a check list before you go through any trouble :)

Check list .|

  • Please allow no less than the above time frame of no update from me before messaging me.

  • Triple check your email, spam, search for “stream” or “overnight”. If you still can’t find it after the time limit has passed, then feel free to email me to request I resend it.

  • Please don’t message me before that time: as it’s distracting, and if I had something, I would have sent it. So messaging me about it will incur no results besides me saying along the lines of, “I’m sorry I’m delayed, please be patient”.

  • Because major projects, (PRO, company, etc.), come before all sketch commissions services, I am sometimes delayed. If I anticipate a delay, I'll email the client with an extension. But if the delay is not anticipated (I miss the deadline without an extension notice), then I'll email the client between 2-7 days after the missed deadline. Please, still don't message me before the time mentioned above.

  • If more than a few days late, as an apology, I always provide extra goods in the order (example: a fashion design for base characo orders, a free sketch for day-sketch orders, more detail/cleanness, etc.).

tattoo contact |

Location |

I'm currently touring around LA as a guest artist. 

Tattoo inquiries

  • Book a consultation at

  • I do not discuss projects through online unless you book the 'online consultation'.

Again: NO dm's before you become a client (book, commission, etc.): Please don't DM about projects. Booking a consultation ensures we have a dedicated amount of time to discuss the possible piece.

How long till a reply |

Typically reply within 1 business day. If you do not hear back, and have checked your spam, feel free to send a follow up no sooner than 2 weeks.

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