ORDERING means you AUTOMATICALLY agree to be a part of the book, with a free pdf copy and a discount on the physical as compensation!


Whatever image you provide [OC or a photo of yourself], will be turned into a horror! (see samples/twitter)


  • SKETCH ONLY:  no preliminaries, no revisions,
  • Delievery within 14 business days

horror portraits: commission

horror intensity
mono or color?
  • Three options to input (pick only ONE per character):

    • 1 link ONLY per character: NO other words! Links only!
    • written discription Only [w.d.o.]: undisclosed character limit, NO links
    • no ref | no direction (input ; full fydbac reign ).


    Please follow this format:

    char1: https://goo.gl/, char2: http://tinyurl.com

    • Link too long? use https://goo.gl/


    To clarify, If you provide a link for a character, then NO OTHER WORDS ARE ALLOWED! See f.a.q. ('commissions') for more guidlines in providing character reference for sketch commissions.


    Ignore or try to work around the above, and I will cancel and refund your order without warning.

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