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Luther sketch

I've been watching "Detroit: become human" being played by a Jessiecox. [I'm on vid 15 right now].

Even before, just through fan-art I've seen and other discussions (largely from black creators), I had a distaste and frustration with the game. So figured I should at least watch is being played to verify my annoyance.

As pretty as it does leave a bad taste. The dialogue is the most cliche annoyance so far.

BUT...this nigga right here? This...THICK mothafucka right here? Damn, I haven't thought a character was so damn hot in a VERY long time. I haven't seen fan-art of him, (MAYBE once), so I thought I'd contribute to that. He's the most gorgeous character in the damn game, and I'ma be extra frustrated if they end up killing him.

The game story itself...leaves a lot to be desired, and feels like a careless slap to the face to the majority of Detroit, black american struggles in general, and etc..

This hotness right here? HE should have played the "conner" character.

And I can't help but think...would these mothafucka's doing all this fanart...would they feel the same if Conners character visual design was Luther's instead?

You can find the PSD in the psd folder shared with ya'll (I'll kept it a "featured post" so it'll be easier to find). I was playin' with a new brush pack. I just used 1 of them for the coloring. I'ma try and test out each one, where I just use that 1 brush for a single sketch. I AM working on i.pity.mé pages but figured it best I do some "me time" illustration sketches too, all in the name of promoting and attracting traction.

Once more and always, thank you SO much for the support!

Bye for now!

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