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Sketch commissions (digital only) created live via a stream site. Stream will take place the weekend after your order is placed.

  • Usually starts between noon - afternoon PST (follow picarto to get notified when it's live!).

  • Created and delivered (by email only) the weekend as order.

  • Attendance not mandatory.

Stream Location + start time | https://picarto.tv/fydbac

feb 14 2019 . this services was retired from public access indefinitely!!

Become a Benefiter for at least $1 to have access in da future!!

|. On a phone? Use phone at your own risk. Best used with a tablet or PC .|


. Follow my twitter and/or join the discord server for open slot announcements .

. In the meantime, please feel free to check my other services for openings!

  • only Benefit Supporters have access to promo codes and lower rates on some selections.

  • public (non-supporter) promo codes are posted about once a year: when and where is never disclosed.

. Delivery .

  • email only

  • Delivered the same day as order!

  • orders received after 8pm PST, MAY be streamed the next day. 

  • Weekday orders (monday thru friday): Created and delivered on the next stream weekend.

Process videos: video link delivered within 2 days.

  • Deadlines are suspended Mondays and Tuesdays! 

. How it works .

Just like a regular online store.

  • New to this? I understand. "New" is always a bit confusing. Take your time. It's not for everybody, and that's okay :)

  • See 'help', for more assistance if needed.

. Remember .

  • If your character is detailed, ( striped, colorful, patterns, etc.), be sure to add the proper "+details" if you want it added.

  • If giving a link for ref: LINK ONLY, no added words allowed.

  • If giving written direction: NO LINKS ALLOWED.


  • Please see 'help' for 'key-term' definitions and every possible question you may have.



  • No armor/ detailed clothing

  • No backgrounds

  • No y-gallery.net reference links.

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