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ONE hour consultation. More info in f.a.q.

    Service Description

    Consultation for either tattoo or wall art: for the full hour, I'll sketch ideas as we explore the options! Online is meet on discord: see fydmi.ink or f.a.q. for link. : 1 design = you choose one design sketch I take to a final version. : 2-3 designs = you choose 2-3 sketches I take to final versions you can choose from to be your tattoo. Fee only goes designing time, does not go towards tattoo. : online = consultation is held on discord. See f.a.q. $20 Fee goes towards tattoo. [Free for benefit members] : color palette = For those looking to color test to see how different colors interact with their melanin: I'll tattoo 1 small dot of at least 6 colors. 2 steps upon arrival: 1. consultation to explore potential design (1hr). 2. mini tattoo session to put the color palette wherever you wish. (30 min). . More info: https://help.fydbac.com/en/article/about-booking Please read MORE INFO: booking means you read, understand, and agree to everything mentioned there.

    Cancellation Policy

    F.A.Q.: https://help.fydbac.com/en/article/about-booking

    Contact Details

    • fÿd mí ink | tattoo boutique, Washington Street, Vancouver, WA, USA

      + 424-236-2382


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