regular sketch w/ flat color

regular sketch w/ flat color


Lines + Flat coloring.

  • Select rating and artist reign in a separate product.
  • NO direction allowed here! ("include glasses", "human feet", "smoking a cigar", etc. etc.)
  • 'Client direction' is for direction (design change, what character is doing, wearing, etc.). If not available, then I'm afraid it's not available.
  • full body | partial body

    full body: Full character(s) body: from feet or ankles upward.

    partial body: Half of the character(s) body: hips and above. No genitals.

  • character ref (important)

    Three options to input (pick only ONE for each character):

    • 1 link ONLY per character. Visuals only.
    • w.d.o. (140 character limit, NO links): only NUDE description allowed. Go to "client direction" to add fashion or etc.
    • fydbac reign.



    • I only read the client direction in the order form: Visual OR written description only.
    • See f.a.q. ('commissions') for more acceptable character reference for sketch commissions.


    Please follow this format:

    char1:, char2:

    • Link too long? use


    Ignore or try to work around the above, and I will cancel and refund your order without warning.

  • fydbac reign | semi-fydbac reign

    • IMPORTANT: See 'help'. - 'key terms' for definitions.
    • Submitting an order means you read, understand, and accept the definitions.
  • image rating

    Up to what rating (pg-nc17) would you allow the sketch to be?

    See 'help' - key terms

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