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This is the official reservation for this pattern! Price covers the entire tattoo.

  • Geometric tattoos are hand drawn on so it's a tailored fit to your body type: no matter the gender.
  • So the pattern shown is a blueprint the tattooed version is based on.


One of a kind, never to be repeated or duplicated. Price reserves the right to fluctuate unannounced until it's reserved.

NO REFUNDS . NO TRADES . NO exceptions

  • See "Additional info" for more details!

flo 013

  • How you will make the flat rate payment:

    Full payment: You wish to pay the full amount immediately online.

    Per session: You pay a deposit immediately, and the remainer in-person or per tattoo session.

    • The amount you pay in Booking is considered payment to the remaining owed.


    . see f.a.q. for full details .

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