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Medium: copic markers+pens, mech pencil


One of a kind, never to be repeated or duplicated. No matter if your Purpose is "fine art" or "tattoo".

  • See "Additional info" for more details!
  • Bigger than half sleeve? Requires a Flate rate increase: please ASK before reserving!

flicker 066

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$1,000.00Sale Price
  • tattoo: You wish to have it tattooed at fÿd mí ink. + the wall art!

    • You MUST go to to book your appointment!
    • You receive the original illustration AFTER the tattoo is finished!

    Wall art: You only wish to have it in your art collection, no tattooing appointment needed.


    . see f.a.q. for full details .

    • in-person: you'll visit the boutique to pick up your piece. You MUST select email or 'pick up'. NO postal fee needed.
    • postal: You'll pay a shipping fee (in check out, you MUST select postal shipping) to have it properly packaged and mailed out to you.
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