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blink sheet 121-130

blink sheet 121-130


If a design is gone, that means it has "fam": meaning the exact original you see is gone, but you can still get a design of the similar subject and style, just will be a different design, hence, "fam". So no need for reserve!

  • MORE INFO: https://help.fydbac.com/en/article/about-pre-made-designs


Prefer to pay in cash? Simply come in person to make your reservation. This online convenience incudes a slight fee.


One of a kind, never to be repeated or duplicated. No matter if your Purpose is "fine art" or "tattoo".

  • See "Additional info" for more details!
  • Pay before event?


    A. In person! Come by anytime! (text before hand is recommended).

    B. Online payment: Send a message after this reservation is complete, with the following:

    • Wix # (reservation invoice).
    • Rate of choice: $31, $130, or $310
    • I'll send a online payable invoice your way (will have a small tax in the total).

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