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Tattoo event today + REMINDERS!

Happy new year!

So, today is the last tattoo event...for non-Benefiters!

ALL online bookings (even if just consults), will lock in their lower rates!

[Current standard + event rates: ]


Tattoo event REMINDERS: Benefiter PERKS

Today may be the last event for NON Benefiters till march, but Benefiters will have the following exclusives during February:

  • TWO tattoo events: feb 4th + feb 14th (valentines)

  • Exclusive booking (weekends only)

NOTE: Puppy being present in their crate will be MANDATORY till March.

Afterwhich it'll be optional; and if someone was to choose, "please leave pup at home", then I wouldn't be able to do 'same day sessions' for them and I'd recommend they book a consult first. Since 'same day' sessions would force me to leave pup alone for too long, and I don't have a car yet to quickly come and go to check on him.


4yr Anniversary! March 1st

Anyone who books a tattoo session for March 1st will lock in an even lower rate than during tattoo events! BUT there's a catch:

  • EXCLUSIVELY for medium to large scale pieces: nothing less than10 inches!

Basically nothing smaller than a half-sleeve or forearm length.


Once again and always, thank ya'll SO much for your support! Hope your new year is off to a chill start!

I'm looking forward to what's to come: Upcoming puppy (@dobe.fyd on ig and tiktok), 1st car as an adult, and move back to LA (i have FOUR fantastic LA studios who approved me to guest spot with em when ready! I'll share them all once I'm official on my moving dates).

Happy New Year,

Jainai Jeffries

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