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"rich" and "ethan" .|. Rich ethan

Hi all,

FINALLY did some self-love work! Here's "rich" and "ethan" from 'rich ethan'. 2 human serial killers who bounty hunt supernaturals, trying to navigate a future together or kill each other, whichever comes first.

A self indulgent of reader confusion for me, so only want their names to be revealed in the story itself. They conduct their supernatural business by switching their fake names with each new client, "rich", and "ethan".

But in the meantime, only you guys will see their real names first! And a little extra tidbit into each of them.

Azeli Lucien, 29yrs old, agender, bi-masc. lean

  • Born in detroit, but raised in LA.

  • Severe PTSD from blk am exp and hood environment. Prejudice against white people, particular those with any authority.

  • Has a younger sibling (20yr, non-conforming male] who he tries to steer away from becoming a killer too.

  • Blk Am Flo tattoo: saying "forgiveness is earned".

  • Kill motivation: inconsiderate, short sighted adults.

  • No-kill list: 10yrs and under, Black women, trans folk, and Animals.

Jesus de lovian, 29yrs, bigender, pan
  • Born in LA, childhood summers spent in mexico city and rural mexico.

  • Dyes hair blond to appear more white, "easier to attract kills".

  • Loves knives. LOVES.

  • Has a 6 yr. old trans kid; who he wants to be a serial killer too. Mother has sole custody rights. Rolling stone parenting.

  • More open about his feelings for his partner, but even then it's still an understatement.

  • Kill motivation: needy, emotional, sensitive people.

  • No-kill list: 5yrs and under, and animals. All else is fair game.


If that's too much sharing, let me know! I am only sharing a fraction of that publicly right now ;)

Thank you for your continued support! Especially the last few months, and ESPECIALLY this month. I hope ya doing well out there! As always, feel free to share your thoughts!



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