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Rejected comic anthology submission


April 4th, I got rejected from another anthology I really wanted to be a part of. And here it is:

Doc synopsis and outline:

Sketch of the two main characters: I just made this today. I didn't have time to make profiles for the synopsis (it's wasn't mandatory):

Normally I WOULD have made profiles for the pitch. Despite that, I don't feel that's a reason for the rejection. I do have an idea on what it may be...but that may just be my paranoia. For the sake of improvement + I hate not knowing "why", I asked why. Haven't heard back yet, (Though I know for sure they read the request), but felt good to at least ask.

And I JUST remembered I submitted for their illustrative parts as well (3 was their max. And so 3 proposals was what I sent). SO rejected 4 times.

Hope ya like the rejected story that'll never be!

As always and forever, thank you so much for believing in me!



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