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March 2020 | + regular sketch retired!

Hey all!

Thanks SO much for those who made the first month of 1hr sketch such a success!

It's GREATLY appreciated! For the first time since last July or August, I was able to pay rent + bills!

I haven't been able to work on self love for months, so this "ALL levels" code is aimed to help fix that.


Regular sketch retired at #1500

As promised a year ago, Regular sketch is now retired as of March 1st! (you might see it in an old blog post). Iron sketch will be retired along with it I think, so you may see it in the Exclusive store just in case. I am VERY glad I was able to make it to #1500. A big shout out to those who made it possible!! Started off as same-day sketch, then overnight sketch, then ended as regular sketch.

It's an exclusive Benefiter commission service now! I can't say when I'll open, and won't announce, so feel free to pop in once a month or so. I don't think it'll be open very often.

I much rather non-benefiters order iron page, regular pro, characo, adopt, or tailor-made. So 5 custom services with public access. Haven't had so few services in....years I think. I'm hoping this will help heal my burnout wounds while promoting more fair pay for more fulfilling work.


As always, thank you SO much for your support! If last month was a bitch, may you make THIS month YOUR bitch!


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