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LA move UPDATE + perk reminder!

Hello all!

Just a quick update: still not sure when the LA move will happen. When things are finalized, I hope to give Benefiters at least TWO months heads up. I HOPE. In the meantime, please feel free to book and spread word about me (book while folk can).


Please don't forget the promo codes provided in the last newsletter! For non-benefiters and Benefiters alike, ranging from $50 to $120 or so. LAST CHANCE to activate the egift card for later use, as the code expires the end of THIS month, so please hurry so you can have the promo for future use!

[NOTE: I believe only Benefiters can access the blog to see past newsletters, so non-benefiters will need to check their email/spam]

Once more, thank you all so much for your consideration and support!

Bye for now,


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