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L.A. Move UPDATE: possibly soon!


I hope ya'll are taking care of yourself!

I figured to exclusively share with you newsletter and Benefiter folk: It's POSSIBLE (not official yet), that my LA move will be anytime between 1.5 months to 2 months from now: I'm simply awaiting an update from an apartment, and they said I'd know either way in 2-4 weeks. At which time, if it works out, I'll have just 30 days til I must move.

So once I get confirmation, i'll immediately make a public announcement. I'm thinking I'll give just ONE week (about 3-5 open days) for non-benefiters to book and have a session for me, and 2-3 weeks (about 10-14 open days) exclusively for Benefiters to book.

As soon as I hear word either way, I'll let ya'll know here.

In the meantime, PLEASE spread words of me around! I really do need all the word of mouth spread I can get, as my reach is still abysmal despite my efforts!

Once more and always, thank you so much for signing up for the newsletter, and to those Benefiters for...well, being Benefiters!

Take care of yourself!

Bye for now,


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