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i.pity.mé ch02.pg06(?)-pg07 live!

Hi All!

I just realized I never sent ya'll notice that pg 06 went live early a little over a week ago...I SWEAR I did, but I don't see the blog entry so...OH that's right, I think I just notified on discord or twitter. Well, let me share pg06 just in case ya didn't check it out, (cause I love it so much!):


pg07 is live!


[if ya didn't sign up for site membership or subscribe (for the blog), please do so :)]

A bit late this time again, ugh. I literally had to do the script only once I was done with the page. The layout and opening was pretty solid, but it was just the dialogue that was up in the air.

Yay for on the fly comic progression!

I really am having fun though. Everything I finish a page, I feel lighter for about a day.

See ya'll next week!(and AGAIN, hopefully with that first page of the "kill limit" comic (publicly hosted on http://twitter.com/kill_limit).


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