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i.pity.mé ch02.pg03-55 + i.p.m. schedule

Hi All!

[if ya didn't sign up for site membership or subscribe (for the blog), please do so :)]

sponsored by alpestris-flowers @ tumblr !! Finally used ALL the sponsored hours for this! Definitely gotta work on being faster!

FINALLY another update! Still been far too long.

This month and April WILL have updates EVERY friday (or within an hour of it, like in this case: baby steps).

I'm finding it still difficult to give any time to myself and not to commissions 90-95% of the time. But I'll work it out eventually.

I.P.M. pages are definitely guaranteed though! Basically spent all day on this page today.

But I do hope to spread it across the week eventually. We'll see...

Once more and forever, thank you for your support!

And a very big thank you to Alpestirs-flowers for sponsoring this page!



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