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i.pity.mé ch02.pg02

Hi All!


[if ya didn't sign up for site membership or subscribe (for the blog), please do so :) ]

Finally a new page! 8hrs Sponsored by 'Tenci'. And I used 5 or 6 of them straight last night, not going to bed till 7am.

I've stayed up late for i.p.m pages...nearly all the time I think. And I actually enjoy it. It's not just "work", so it feels like the "insomnia" energy stays longer: Until I'm like 3 'minute details' away from being finished, then I swear, like a switch, everything becomes an exhausted hallucination! Then I scramble to save and post so I don't end up changing something I don't want changed.

I think I can do pages quicker (last comic job, I did 2 a week, but those were fully scripted from the client). i.pity.mé is in a "on the fly" process at the moment, Just haven't had time to write a decent script. And I feel it fair the sponsored time ONLY applies to the actual comic drawing, etc.. The main plot points + some scenes are set in my head, but the dialogue and paths to get there is..."on the fly". Which has its positives and negatives like everything :)

I hope to do the next page soon! Once your early access gets to 5 pages, THAT'S when I'll make a page a week for non-members!

ALSO, to those who may speak Korean: I apologize for bothering it. I'm most def gonna butcher other languages I have to used google translate for: And some I can't, cause it's not in their system. Until I'm able to afford hiring folk as language or culture advisors, I'ma do the best I can with media (movies/ tv) and google. And rely on readers: so please feel free to call my ass out if something seem off! [Also, I like the idea of not translating most things in the comic, and only providing a transcript for benefit members. The main language that WILL be translated in the comic, is the Epi language (more on that later).

Ugh! so sorry for such a long post!

Please check out the comic!, join the membership AND subscribe if needed, and thank you so, SO much for the sponsor of this page! Those hours really helped! I'll try to ensure I use them sooner!

Now onto 'Kill.limits' sponsored 2 hours (I already used both I think, but I feel a true appreciation of said sponsored hours, is in finishing the pages: no matter if just 1 hr is sponsored!)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And always, thank you for your support!


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