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fydbac universe encyclopedia


I figured I should share the doc in which I use to keep track of the species/stories I came up with while making characo, adopts, wdo designs, and full fydbac reign orders.

I've pretty much [unknowingly] held myself back all these years. I never let my imagination delve to far into the backstories, and rarely if ever shared it. But with my renewed focus on being independent, the gates are open and I don't hold back so much.

I still hold back just a bit, as I yet to have the luxury to explore so many at once (*fingers crossed for the benefit program to gain more members*).

I may or may not add the actual image in the doc (I can't spend TOO much time on this after all), but here is the textual facts. I figured Benefiters should have a more convenient access than the 'twitter moments' I think.

ALSO, you can leave comments IN the doc itself (which can be used to ask questions too!).

Let me know what ya think! Or even if you have any requests or suggestions!

Once more and always, thank you for the support!




[click image or the following link]

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