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Foreal .|. Black Gold

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hi all,

I know I know...yet another engagement! But it's another character profile I probably won't announce publicly till I have the other 2! And I NEED you guys to know how much I appreciate you and think of you muthafuckas, aight!? [+ faster than comics: these are all I have time for between commission work and trying to navigant... my ongoing dire straits. I'll always try for the comics though: VERY slowly on the next ipm and 'delayed reaction' page].


Foreal, 24yrs old, a native man out for the black gold so that he can kill the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), and he's intent on burning every "Indian school" he comes across on the way.

  • Extreme body dysmorphia to the point he tried to amputate his breasts at 16. After he healed, his tribe gave him a realization ceremony (confirming he's a man gender), and when he was 19, he earned the manhood ceremony (usually done at 16, but he was late to start, for obvious reasons).

  • His tattoos are to mark both ceremonies, and the "lightning" tattoo on his face represents his teaching/storytelling prowess. He's the top 3 warriors of all tribes on the continent, and instructs future warriors and hunters before he left for his mission.

  • He can't use magic, but can't be affected by "deep magic". His weapon of choice is fighting arts with his own body, which relates to him being horrible at close combat external weaponry. But he's very proficient with projectile weapons of any kind, and carries 2 pistols and 2 knives with him.

  • He's been on the search for black gold for 1yr by the time he gets with Nation and Amado.

  • On his mission, he wears face paint everyday out in public so there's no doubt what the fuck he's about. But he takes it off when he's about to fight for real: cause he wants his enemies to know his face as he destroys them.

  • The face paint does mean something, and evolves as he spends more and more time with Nation and Amado.


If that's too much sharing, let me know! I am only sharing a fraction of that publicly right now ;)

Thank you for your continued support! Especially the last few months, and ESPECIALLY this month. I hope ya doing well out there! As always, feel free to share your thoughts!



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