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fÿd mí ink| promo fliers

Hi All!

Possible news coming on the 30th. I don't like having hope, cause it hurts too much when it's destroyed too many times, but I do have it. Thankfully, events this past week will cushion potential blows I think.

SO, about these fliers, what ya think? I've actually designed them back when I first started looking for a space (and didn't have the benefit program, or the art fund). But with this past week, I found i needed to go back over them, so these are redesigns.

And here is the page on the site: http://fydmi.ink/promo

I have a thing for surprise/exclusive/secret things, so with this redesign, I thought it'd be cool if the flower fish was only unlocked if the person came in and asked (that would also free me up to make it whatever I wanted at anytime: 25% off something, $$ off, or a free shirt after their tattoo or something). + if the person is a Benefiter, it'll be a choose our door type of thing, "fish 1, fish 2, or mystery fish".

There is a 25% off sale with moo.com (who I'll be using for these), so I really hope something can be settled before that damn sale ends!.

Anyway, what do you think? Your input is greatly appreciated!

[and yes, that is the actual address of the potential spot. So def don't show this to anyone else please, benefiter eyes only ;) ]

Once more and always, thank you for your support!



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