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fydbac, llc | IMPORTANT NEWS!!


I officially signed lease papers today, and fÿd mí ink is officially on the move!

This means big things:

1. The original art store is now OPEN :

Where only benefiters can see ALL flickers that'll be available in the boutique, and can buy [reserve] it online.


2. During March (and possibly April) , commissions will be open EXCLUSIVELY to just benefit members. I will take NO commissions from the public during the entirety of March. And if things work out, April neither.

That means ONE PAGE A WEEK OF i.p.m and possibly kill limit AT THE LEAST. Guaranteed!!

I'll resume taking public commissions after that time.


3. March 01 2020 will be the last day I take public commissions of Regular, Day, and Iron. Those and OC featured commissions will be EXCLUSIVE to benefit members.

I mentioned this early last year on all my accounts. This is basically me FULLY putting it all on myself. The ultimate risk so to speak. After that, only the concept services, (characo and adopts), will be available to the public.


I'm very much looking forward to this new step. Despite it seemingly being more work, I feel it alleviating my ongoing burnout (at least 2yrs running now) already. A fresh journey being a rejuvenation.

I'll be spending the rest of this month finishing due work while I prep the boutique space (The lessor have to put in new floors for me, and then I gotta wait on the furniture (which I'll order tomorrow or so). I would much rather make funds to pay next month's rent before my month long self orgy, so I will still be taking public orders.

That's the jest of the big news! So #2 may be updated, but #3 is iron clad, and I'll be announcing it throughout the remainder of the month.

Thanks so much for you all + current and past clients for your patience through all this! Now I gotta hop back on the YCH and others!

Once more an--OH, and so sorry I wasn't able to post the kill limit and i.p.m. pages as mentioned: that very same time, was when the happenings concerning this space came up. I had anticipated the rescheduling at the signing, but not the time immediately before said signing (this took 2 YEARS for me to find). OH, and the kicker, it's a space I tried for last august -september (after 5-20 attempts (long story), it ended with a sour taste in my mouth), but after 3 months of making NO further attempts with them, I decided to give it another go. AND THAT MOTHAFUCKER PAID OFF!!

Okay, thanks for reading, and for supporting me when I genuinely feel most other people don't. That's why I feel you lot are so damn special.

Okay, let me get some damn work done already (all day was spent on the fÿd mí ink dealings).

Once more and mothafucking always, thank you!


Jainai Jeffries | fydbac

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