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enamel pins | fydbac + i.pity.mé

Just mock-ups of possible enamel pins as merch or even [free] bonuses for signing up for the benefit program. These could be a reality sooner if I manage to convince enough to join as 'star dust' (or higher). As is, these would be in the far...far future. Just don't have the funds to even attempt this: but seems beneficial to make mock-ups to maybe entice folk to join the program.

. i.pity.mé enamel pins .

. epi eyes only [public and benefiters] .

. "Royalty" eyes would increase in exclusivity the higher rank it is [benefiters only] .

. fydbac PRIDE enamel pins .

. I chose these to start (there are so many) .

. "pride" cause it seems to be an umbrella for all . "Trans" cause it seemed right . "Ace" cause I gotta rep myself.

. I'm thinking maybe make a opposite eye version: then someone could buy a left "trans" and a right "pride" for example .

. the skin part would have a grey neutral version, in case folk don't want the melanin .

The line at the bottom would be cleaned up, and the eyelash will be thicker. I was also thinking of an eyebrow, but I'm thinking that would cost more. So I left it out in these mocks. These are just mocks to share wit you guys :)

If you dig them or not, please feel free to let me know in a reply! And also feel free to let me know it you'd like an icon size version of any of them, I'd make it available :)

Bye for now!

And thank you once more for the support! Feel free to tell your rich friends, fam, and/or celebrity strangers about me and the benfit program if they have a case of "too much money"-itis.


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