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Comic | Part Time [+18]

Venom x Brock fancomic . rated +18 . pg.15? (not sure yet)

Hey there!

So....instead of pin-ups for a while, I'ma do this short porn comic. As Venom x Brock DID win the last poll, and I've been meaning to make some kinda fan comic, AND twitter voted for it as well.

I figured this is the best compromise! Once Benefit Members increase, then we can afford enough time to do both at once! I'm also using this to practice my speed with comics: I'm far too careful and "my precious" about the original comics (i.p.m. , kill limit, etc.), and I don't feel I have the privilege to be so at this time. Which is a reason I think it takes so long to do without being sponsored.

You guys have first look of course! So every 3...or 5 pages(?), then I'll release 1pg/week to NON Benefit Members? Feel free to let me know what you think! You guys decide what them folk get!

Once and forever fucking more, thank you for your support!



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