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Characo 188-195

So I've been severely backlogged since last fall, and I've finally all cleared characo sketches! My one-word prompt concept design sketch service! ONCE I've cleared 3 tailor-mades , 5 dopts, and 1 model adopt , I can FINALLY accept more chaco AND launch PRO and my YCH ideas! I won't post any of the backlog completions till I finish ALL the backlogs. So till then, I'd like to share with just you guys.

I really dig how they came out, and the fun facts behind their species. I hope you do to! As this type of creation being a full time activity is exactly what the Benefit program is for!

Once more and always, thank you for your support! -fydbac

Now on with the mini encyclopedia!


[fyd note: one of my top 3 favs, it not the top, and yet the smallest universe build]

  • The casual fashion is what their species see as "masculine".

  • The "hairs" are sharp to to earth people. About 10x worse than a porcupine.

  • For their species, this particular character's hair feel soft".

  • The wings kinda fold like a bird, and when it's extended, it looks like a dragonfly of sorts.


  • For his species, the "nose" like on his face, the "wings" on his tail, and his bulbous antenna horns, are all considered undesirable separately, so together, it's particularly hideous.

  • His pattern would be considered "great" by some. But the other attributes cancel any attractiveness that may have had: think of, when someone may find another attractive from behind or a far distance, but up close? It's a "nope".

  • The scars are an honor to his particular culture. He just lost his hand, but it'll grow back in time.

  • His mane is actually plates of his exoskeleton. He himself style it to look spiked (which is their species version of a 'mohawk').

    • Their exoskeleton is flexible like skin around their joints, but just as hard.

  • Though "ugly", the wing texture on his wings can assist in their flight: so it's desirable for their "pilots", but outside of that field, it'd be considered ugly (though some think it ugly anyway).

    • So this character would be mistaken for a pilot all the time.

  • His tail is also a stinger. where they slash rather than stab. Their species have studies that say the "tail wings" make the poison more toxic. Particularly to off planet species. (it's a new study, so not many know about it. Once it's publicist and common knowledge, the 'tail wings' might not be considered so ugly.).

  • [my head canon of the character] He flaunts his ugly, and don't give a fuck. Even when he was younger.


  • Their species female do not have mammary glands.

  • Their babies don't eat for their first year, as they have no mouths.

  • This character is what we would consider a teenager.

  • She's also the equivalent of a woman "stud".

Concerning mouths:

  • Their extra mouths: are almost another them (imagine your hand had eyes and a mouth, and it was you, but acted independently from your main head).

    • Number of mouths varies from 3-5 on average.

    • One is never sure how many they will ultimately have.

  • Their other selfs grow out overtime: And as they "mature", the main self (the head), can move them around to where they want them to be permanently, which is the mouths puberty so to speak.

    • Like how human adult teeth don'e come out all at once, neither does their mouths.

    • "mature" means, they reach the age of the brain in charge.

    • As they mature, it gets harder and harder to move them around their body.

  • Because of that, they age differently as well.

  • With this character, their mid tail mouth, "mature", but their end tail mouth is the third" youngest (who's a fucking brat, and is wearing the pink bow to spite their oldest self (cause she wouldn't let her get a piercing too. "Ya too fucking young", said oldest.

  • In finding a permanent location for a mouth, folk usually choose the arms and legs.

  • The tail is the first mouth to come out, and the last to "mature".

    • Moving the "tail mouth" is exceedingly hard, usually takes a child prodigy to accomplish.

  • This character has 5 mouths.

    • 2 you can see on her left arm.

  • Mouths come out as eyes first.

    • Most mouths have 2 eyes. But some just have 1 (a rare thing, and considered a deformity).

Concerning detachment and reattachment:

  • It's dangerous to detach before mature. The mouth would feel like they are drowning. (this improves as they get closer to maturing.

    • Mid tail is trying to get her to reattach or just stay in contact with End tail.

  • When all are mature, They can stay detached for as long as the Oldest is still alive.

  • When detach, it would be as if there were more than one of yourself.

    • So an arm could be separated from the oldest for 5 years, and when found again, be a different individual because of their bad experience from being kidnapped.

Concerning aging:

  • Their average lifespan (in earth years) is 500.

  • Mouths have all matured by the time the Oldest is about 100.


  • The clown merfolk live up to their namesake, they tend to be jokesters and goofy, but in a more devastating manner. Let's just say that in any human culture, they would be labeled as demons.

    • So they tend to have their own separate communities, not because they were pushed out per se, but to protect themselves from other merfolk who tend to always misunderstand them, and can't accept their nature.

  • It appears as if their hair merge in and out of their back fins when in the water.

    • Some, if trained, can possibly control it.

  • Despite their nature, gaining a clownfolk loyalty is a coveted feat.

    • When they find something they love, they typically excel at it: whether fighting, killing, painting, cooking, etc. [they can have more than one love, but the average is loving just one thing].

    • Despite their "evil" clowning, they are very loyal and one of the best at following orders, if applicable, from the one they pledged loyalty to.

    • Anyone who don't have their loyalty, it's a 50/50 chance they'll even acknowledge you as a creature with feelings, and a 50/50 they will kill you for some petty offense.

  • If one lose a clownfish loyalty through what they deem as a betrayal: well, one best say their goodbyes to their loved ones, cause their loved ones, (and sometimes their entire blood line), will die...while they remain alive.

    • The degree of that revenge, depends on the individual clownfish.

    • And the one with the harsher degree, is typically the most prized loyalty to have: As they're beyond just "excelling" at their loved activity.

  • All of them are beautiful, as they tend to kill their "ugly" babies.

  • Their natural life span is about 800 earth years. But their average is about 300.

character headcanon (my version of him):

  • He loves weapons, blackmail, and making/eating cookies

  • He's 435 years old

  • He's in a poly relationship: who are the first and only folk who've ever earned his loyalty.

  • Though they have his loyalty equally, I loves one more than the other (who is perfectly okay with it).

  • His mouth scars are from 2 different blackmail victims. Who are his favs now, and still alive somewhere, thought they really wish they weren't.


Species head canon:

  • Having more than 1 of any body part, let alone cocks, is considered a blessing.

  • females borns tend to have more than one pair of horns, and males tend to have 2 pairs of wings.

  • Horns can be manipulated if cut off:

    • If taking the right hormones at the time, one can grow two pairs of horns.

    • When cut off, they have wings like a tree, showing their emotional history rather than just their age.

  • Females are far more aggressive than male borns.

Character headcanon:

  • She's a celeb in her species.

  • Very indecisive: wanted to cut her horns to reflect more female born, but loved the rings and the implication of half/half, so cancelled the other being done.

    • She's indecisive about getting breasts

  • The tag on her wing is just that, a tag (which is a trend she herself set.


Species head canon:

  • By our standards, they are all both sexes. For them, some identify has either "singular" or "plural" (who are the majority).

  • Their body types range from looking humanoid full female, full male, or varieties of intersex (as the char here), male, etc.

  • They CAN have "intercourse" with another and fertilize one or each others eggs", but that sort is taboo. "Singular's" tend to practice that the most. The Plurals' tend to be Singularphobic.

  • Their "hair" and body domes can be altered and manipulated for fashion.

  • Can regrow like hair, and the body dome tends to grow back the slowest.

  • Singulars:

  • They don't have gender identifiers.

  • "Me" is used to refer to another singular. While they just use "I" on theme-selves.

  • They tend to wear for 2 different occasions at once.

    • Usually taking off the outfits after each occasion.

    • So outfits tend to match with each other so it blends together and doesn't detract. Their fashion brands are designed that way as well.

    • One can tell when someone is nearly finished with their day.

  • The body dome tends to always have some kinda opening in the front that doesn't get in the way of their arms too much.

  • They use their "hair" to eat. They''ll put the food in the front, and it'll be carried by their tentacles to the back of their neck/head where the "eating" will be obscured by the dome. (it's polite).

  • Under the right training, their "leg" tentacles can be prehensile .

Character headcanon:

  • This char is a "singular".

  • This char is dressed for both formal dinner (the top), and (the bottom) for clubbing afterwards + Sexy times with their lover.

  • They cut their hair dome in that fashion. The body dome was just trimmed a bit.

  • They're one of the lucky ones who ere born with a really convenient and cute body dome opening. Kinda like the human equivalent of someone born with a high metabolism are prone to be skinny.

  • And, I think that's about it for now!

  • They've had some training (not an expert yet), and so can move their legs a bit.



  • When in high emotions: particularly stress or anger: their skin turns to match the pattern of their wings/tails.

  • The history on which came first, (like is that their true skin, or the humanoid one) is lost to their history. Genetics have given no clue.

  • Just 1 genitalia is considered a different gender. So if a double cock male gets one removed, they are usually a trans 1 cock.

  • All have the tools to transform to a more (beastial) form, but one needs to be trained extensively to use it. Usually soldiers go through it (and not all makes the cut). Hard core, high ranking criminals have been going through such training. A new development since a whole squadron of soldiers (made of defectors and honorable discharged) became an organization and started teaching others.

  • The methods are usually a tied lipped community, hence why regular civilians have no means to learn it.


  • He cut his tail into that shape. He's cheap, so he did it himself under heavy drug influence.

  • He was made fun of for his deformed horns as a kid. Now he loves them. But would disproportionately react upon anyone's body who's mouth spewed some shit about them.

  • He can fly with his scarred wings, but it hurts to do so.


Species head canon:

  • They tend to have one or 2 tails.

  • Having a mouth on one or both is rare, and considered blessed.

    • But having 2 mouths on a tail, is bad luck: it breeds a type of insanity, sociopathy, or psychopathy.

  • the have slots either in their shoulders or hips.

    • it's to hold their long tails.

    • By the time they are a teen, they can wrap their tail in their slots at 30 seconds. By an adult, it can be wrapped and unwrapped within 20 seconds. The warrior classes are trained to do it within a blink of an eye.

  • Their speech aren't audible to humans, and can be harmful: the warrior class can cause a psychotic break in humans.

  • A special view have the ability to speak human, but even viewer actually train to master it.

    • Those with mouth tails have the highest ratio of having this ability.

  • xenomorphs would be like a distant relative of sorts.

Character headcanon:

  • this character is a functional psychopath.

  • Since cutting off one of his tail mouths (which actually helps lessen the effects of having 2 mouths on 1 tail).

  • His gold fang was a cosmetic choice, done by transmutation. Their version of a body mod.

  • He's a trained warrior, and can wrap his tails in a blink of an eye.

  • He hides that one of his tails have a mouth.

  • He has the ability to learn to speak human, but hides if he does or not.

  • He hates liars the most.

/end encyclopedia

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