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About Stream sketches + New perks!

Hi All!

Sorry for another message so soon!

What started off as a consideration yesterday during stream, is not in effect:

  • Stream sketches will now be a "to order" deal just for Benefit Supporters (human+ or higher):

  • It'll be streamed on the weekend following your order. So all else is basically the same, except streams are open indefinitely for you. So...the info is still the same otherwise.

  • I will open it to the public now maybe for just one weekend out of the month. Rather than how it was with first two weekends of a month

  • Overnight sketch is now rebranded as 'Regular sketch'.

  • It'll be open indefinitely. (rather than last two weekends).

  • I have yet to compensate the time that have come with the new effects I've been doing: Ever since I started doing them, gradually started missing my on time record: I feel there are other reasons involved, but that contributed I think.

  • Theme sketch may go on the back-burner again. So public folk will just have the option of 'Regular' or 'Day' sketch. (besides characo and tailor-made of course).

Hopefully this will stir things up! I've been trying to fix/improve things for months, and think I may have left some other effects of mental exhaustion unacknowledged still. I still hate that I wasn't even aware, but glad I got most of it (it feels like it ). So just gotta work with the minute detail bits. And this mixup should do the trick.

Thank you once more for your support!



P.S. I finally took the time to actually SEE how this blog have been appearing to you in the email: and damn it's a mess. But thankfully it gets pretty again when you click on the "read more" type button.

I'ma try and figure out how to prettify the email announcement anyway, can't be out here lookin' like some half-ass!

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