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2017 art talley [give or take]

Art commissions [completed] in 2017: 482

  • stream 1925-1702= 223

  • overnight 1331-1216= 115

  • themed 194-86= 108

  • tailor-made 30-18= 12

  • day 441-432= 9

  • adopt 185-177= 8

  • characo187-180= 7

Personal work in 2017: 14

  • ipm: page 5 + 9ill=14


2009 - 2017 talley [give or take]

  • Art commissions within 8 yrs of full time fydbac, llc: 4353 [4293 + 60 (Pro/commercial work)]

  • Personal work in that time: 116


I'll update this when I post it publicly on New Years eve or so.

I've never actually done THIS extensive of a talley before.

Sharing for several reasons: Among which is that it's interesting I think. And I think I'm looking for folks to tell me if it's average, under average, or too much: in the work, and the life (personal)/work ratio. Cause having a better idea of where I've been standing, can possibly help me not feel so...starving and overworked(?).

Thankfully such issues hasn't affected my quality (At least from what I can tell): I think that's a trick I learned ages ago. If anything, an improvement of quality has actually slowed me and fucked my schedule these past few months (which I only just realized was the cause).

Even when not working on commissions, I'm doing maintenance on the sites/galleries/fydbac, llc in general...while thinking about the due commissions. The closest I came to having what people call a "vacation" was the 2014 workcations.

So...if you know anyone who has the same or higher talley in both the work and work/life ratio, and they don't feel overworked or starved (self neglecting themselves), please let me know cause I could seriously learn from them.

Happy Holidays, and thank you so much for believing in me!


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