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. 4,000+ commissions have been made since 2009, so this is simply a "quick view" gallery with selections.

characo . adopt . tailor-madeconcept designs .

PRO . day sketch . regular sketch . stream sketch . iron sketch | illustrations .


Personal .gallery.

A collection of work I've done for my own enjoyment; some of which sponsored by clients [full fydbac reign]:

i.pity.mé is an entire comic for my own enjoyment, so the full gallery of that can be found on i.pity.mé


characo sketch .gallery.

Order form | starts @ $35

  • character design sketch service based on one word prompts. See Order form for ALL info (options, prices, etc.)

  • This gallery is infrequently updated. See deviantart for full gallery. See tumblr for most recent. 


egg adopt .gallery.

character design sketch service hatched from an egg based on your vague prompts:

  • client buys the egg, make vague selections (gender, body type, etc., then await original design to hatch!

    • Benefit supporters get first access!

    • follow my social media to get notified when a new batch launch for sale.

  • known to sale out within 1 hour of a batch launch.

  • See deviantart for complete collection of batches.

tailor-made sketch .gallery.

Order form | starts @ $30

  • Custom fashion design sketches + (optional) character reference sheet service. Visit Order form link for ALL info on this service.

  • This gallery is infrequently updated: See deviantart for ALL past orders: See tumblr for most recent.


regular sketch .gallery.

sketch commissions created and delivered practically overnight [formerly branded as 'Overnight sketch'.]


iron sketch .gallery.

Order form: Sketch service for those on a budget:

  • No client direction allowed. 'fydbac reign' or 'semi fydbac reign' only. [see: 'key terms' in Help.]

  • Digital line art only. Simple shading (artist choice). Recommended for those who never used a store to order art commissions before.

  • this gallery is infrequently updated. See deviantart for older. See tumblr for most recent. See either site for order prompts.