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original content exploring the unexplored

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Freestyle original tattooing, specializing in illustrative and Flo styles.

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fyd tales

Exclusive hub of all original comics & art books by fydbac.


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Marble Surface

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Jainai Jeffries [fydbac] is the owner and sole artist behind fydbac, llc: whose mission is to eradicate the mediocre & cliché.

All services are based on the creative freedom of fydbac: absolutely no mimicking, copying, or tracing of any kind. They pursue their mission through the own original comics [fyd tales], freehand tattooing [fÿd mí ink], and commission services.

The Benefit program funds Jainai's pursuit of their original content creations such as their stories, i.pity.mé & kill limit, and more without relying on middle man outside of fans and supporters. As gratitude to Benefiters [Benefit program members], there are TONS of perks: art fund, promo codes for commissions, exclusive access, free goods, etc. Tattoo clients benefit especially: lower rate, tattoo fund, year round deals, and more!

Questions? See 'help' before contacting: 95% of all questions I get are answered there.


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90% of the time, the answers are already provided.

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