Tattoo/Wall art Raffle


Win a small, medium, or large scale Tattoo project or Wall art! Winner can book their consultation/session as soon as books re-open! See @fydbac IG story highlights (Flicker or Bolt) to see available original work you can choose from if a winner!


Buy as many raffles as you like as long as each are available! 

$fee = qualifying prize.

  • $5 = blink sheet only (every 11th bought = 1 extra blink)
  • $10 = small / small flickers
  • $15 = medium / any flickers
  • $20 = Large / flickers + bolts

Winner announced: a video of all names will be shared of the winner being selected.


The bigger the pot, the more that can go into the prizes!

  • Example: pot= $100, blackwork only, pot= $1,500, full coloring, pot = $3,000 , 1 winner for each size!

AND the more chances everyone can have to win!

  • Example: pot = $100+, 1 winner only. pot =$1,000+, 1 blink winner + 1 small, med, or large winner,  pot = $3,000+ , 1 winner for each size!

Questions? use the chat or contact page!

  • Tattoo/Wall art Size

    The more you buy, the more you mix and match = the higher your chances of winning! 

    • Small cannot get a med. or lg.
    • Medium can get a small, but not a lg.
    • Large can get any size in the range!
  • Blink

    Blink sheets are small tattoo designs on a sheet: sold for at least $50 during tattoo events ($31 for BENEFITERS).

    • RAFFLE : pick of any available blink sheet design. 1 extra blink for every 11th blink raffle bought!

    See IG highlights "blink sheet" for more info.

    Or the reserve page if you are a benefit member:

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