I do as much as possible for 1 full hour! (color NOT guaranteed) Streamed live!

Stream location: http://picarto.tv/fydbac

  • Benefiters get early access and an auto discount!
  • Delivered SAME DAY AS ORDER
  • Single character only
  • No direction allowed.

Come at your hour (optional), and watch your sketch be made!

Reserve List (updated periodically): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sVGAFbEcMLjxzebPSNCpBguX-adR2MB1cVIr8lVBkd8/edit?usp=sharing


Turnaround time: SAME DAY

Need help?: http://help.fydbac.com

1 hr sketch . feb 16, 2020

    • 1 link ONLY.  Use tinyurl.com if it needs to be shortened.
    • OR written description only (no personality, no clothes, just describe the character visually within the character limit) 


    • NO other words allowed. No direction. Only one of the two options above, NOT BOTH.

    Ignore or try to work around the above, and I will cancel and refund your order without warning.

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