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There is A LOT of information here, so it's recommended you use your browser 'find' to quickly get to your answer.

Please read thoroughly! 90% of EVERY question I get are answered here.


Ordering original artwork

| Are you still available for commissions?

Status of each commission service is listed in their order form.

| How much do you charge?

Varies by service (see service info for details). If you ask me this, it means you rather waste my time than read on your own, and I may not want to work with you.

  • Rates and tax are subject to change as needed, without warning.

| Can I place an order through my phone?

Switch to your devices 'Desktop' option. DO NOT use 'mobile' option, as it ALWAYS causes problems.  

| Can I submit a photograph of a person/animal as the 'character/subject' ref?

ONLY if it's a photo of yourself OR you have their permission/ you're their guardian. Note: this does not mean it'll be a realistic art piece: it's not a service I offer, cause I find it boring. It'll only be in my style: reflected in the galleries.

| Despite the info, I still don't really understand how to commission in the order store...

I understand, no worries! Don't let that "new" feeling fool you: please ease your doubts with this playlist of example walkthroughs: fydbac store tutorial playlist

| What type of payments do you accept?

ONLY through the store, or invoice: both accepts Paypal and credit/debit card.

  • I DO NOT accept: e-checks

  • MUST come from the same person who reads, fills out, and submits the order form: email, usernames, and payment MUST be the same person. No exceptions.

  • MUST have payment ready BEFORE submitting the order.

  • If you pay by any means outside payment methods of the particular service, and don’t contact me beforehand with any trouble you may have, I will refund and cancel your order without warning.

| How do I contact you about an active / current commission order?
  • Go to contact

  • Subject line: Wix# (example: wix#10222) OR Service# (characo150, adopt20-175, day-sketch403, etc.)

  • Body: your inquiry or concern

*NEW*| OH NO, I forgot to include something in my order! What do I do?

Order Store.

  • I can only accept order revisions within 2 hours of original payment (24 hours if it's an Adopt order). If you missed the window, please don't ask me to make an exception.

  • Contact me (see above): mentioning what you want to revise.

  • I'll inform you if you need to submit additional payment through the Order store OR through the Tip jar.

  • No matter which method I point you to, PLEASE DON'T FORGET: in the "notes", put the Wix# or Service order# (if characo or adopt) the revision should be applied to.


Invoice  orders (where you pay through an invoice)

BEFORE you pay the invoice: I can accept revisions at anytime.

AFTER you pay the invoice: I can only accept revisions within 24hours of your payment.

  • Contact me (see above): mentioning what you want to revise.

  • I'll inform you if you need to submit additional payment through the Tip jar.

  • No matter which method I point you to, PLEASE DON'T FORGET: in the "notes", put the Wix# or Service order# (if characo or adopt) it should be applied to.

| What's allowed for 'Client direction'?
  • Pose, fashion, expression, action, etc.. Anything that directs what I do with the provided character/subject. 

    • 'Client direction'​ is written direction only: No links allowed.

  • Client direction is NOT ALLOWED through any other input outside of the marked 'client direction' section. I will ignore any direction not given in the "client direction", and may outright refuse your order if I feel you are trying to be sneaky/underhanded about it.

    • Example: give a direction in "character ref", but tell me to follow it in the "client direction": I may not only refuse the order, but I'll consider putting them on the 'Ban list'.

| What's allowed in 'Character reference'?
  • If providing a link, it's highly recommended to have a clear reference sheet  before placing an order; but it's NOT mandatory.

  • If you don't have visual reference: written description only (NO LINKS ALLOWED) is perfectly okay! And highly encouraged (my prefered subject :) ). Must fit within the designated character limit of course (different for each service).

  • Only one link per character is allowed (any more than that, and I will cancel your order and issue a refund). I DO NOT click or look at any ref or ref links given outside of the store/form.

  • Only the physical nude body of a character will be followed in ALL client character provided services. Anything that is not a part of the character's anatomy, may not be included if it is not mentioned in the "Client Direction" product.

| Can I give text information in a reference link (if it does not fit within the word / character limit)?
  • For PRO: Yes. I'll read any and all info you provide.

  • For [any] sketch commissions: NO. If providing a character reference link: Visuals only for sketch commissions. Height text is fine, but I cannot guarantee I will read anything further. For sketches, it's counter productive if I must read fine print (enlarge the image to read), or more than a word or two; as I aim to go as fast as possible

I highly recommend you make all important anatomy VISIBLY CLEAR, so text is not needed. A proper reference sheet should NOT rely on text in any way (beyond height), and all vital visuals are CLEARLY VISIBLE on the character.

| How much will it cost for a Pro commission of  (insert request)  ?

Base rates are listed on the service page and order forms when available. I will not divulge rates to individual parties outside of those venues: please don't ask me. To know when I am taking orders (in order of highest chance): become a sponsor, sign up for the newsletter, or watch any of my active online accounts.

| What to do if my order is late / delayed / never received? 

I prefer a client never requests a "progress update": If I had anything, I would have sent it, so asking for a progress before I send you an update, is just unnecessarily distracting and wastes my time. If late, I usually send an update within a week or two. But, just in case, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Please allow no less than 3 WEEKS of no update from me before messaging me.

  • Triple check your email, spam, search for “stream” or “overnight”. If you still can’t find it after the time limit has passed, then feel free to email me to request I resend it.

  • Please don’t message me before that time: as it’s distracting, and if I had something, I would have sent it. So messaging me about it will incur no results besides me saying along the lines of, “I’m sorry I’m delayed, please be patient”.

  • Because major projects, (PRO, company, etc.), come before all sketch commissions services, I am sometimes delayed. If I anticipate a delay, I'll email the client with an extension. But if the delay is not anticipated (I miss the deadline without an extension notice), then I'll email the client between 2-7 days after the missed deadline. Please, still don't message me before the 3 weeks  mentioned above.

  • If more than a few days late, as an apology, I always provide extra goods in the order (example: a fashion design for base characo orders, a free sketch for day-sketch orders, more detail/cleanness, etc.).

Though a deadline is a deadline no matter the project type (sketch or pro), I cannot keep a continuous update on sketch commissions as I would Pro. I ask you keep more patience for sketch commissions, and do not distract me before the time frame mentioned above.

| May I have a discount/ negotiate price, please?

Only Patreon sponsor members get promo codes: MORE INFO

If you ask me for a discount or try to negotiate, you will be ignored and Shun listed for an undisclosed amount of time: meaning I will not accept any commission order from you.

| How do I know which offer is for me? day sketch, overnight sketch, etc.?

It all comes down to how much control you want. See 'services' page + this helpful chart

| How can I submit an order for the service I choose?
  • There is an order form link in the info, and with each art submission to any of my online accounts. When submitting a form, laptop or PC is recommended.

  • [WARNING] Mobile submissions, (ipad, phone, and etc.) have proven problematic way too often; A majority of the time, mistakes are made. So use at your own risk.

| Promo codes: how do they work?

They are generally exclusive for patreon sponsors. Unless stated otherwise.

Please adhere to the following guidelines in using a promo code.

  • Only ONE code may be used at a time. One per order submission.

  • It's up to you alone to add the code yourself, I will never do it for you: If you forgot or got it wrong, that’s your responsibility, not mine. I find it unfair and touching on disrespectful to turn around and ask me to add it.

  • If you input the code wrong, even if by mistake, the offer becomes invalid:

    • You’ll be required to send the remaining payment

    • It is forbidden to cancel the order, and then re-submit to try and input the correct code. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Codes are never redeemable after the expired time mentioned with said code. Asking for an extension is inconsiderate and disrespectful.

  • Never ask me for a code. I will always say ‘no’, and will not want to accept any business from you.

| What is your permanently banned list (things you will not accept as any single illustration commission)?

Please, do not try to find any loop holes, or ask me “just to be sure”. It’ll annoy me greatly. Use deductive skills.

| Why do you charge extra for Rule 34? (updated periodically)

Rule 34 = [insert franchise] Porn (NC-17 rating only)

Because there are some franchises out there that I appreciate too much to sexualize (for free).

  • $15 fee for Sketch commissions

  • $30 fee for Pro Commissions


Obvious note: Not on the list below? feel free to ask before submitting an order

Rule 34 fee:
fydbac characters (if with non-fydbac characters) – My Little Ponies – Gears of War – Halo – Sonic the Hedgehog – Dragonball Series – Gargoyles – All DC and Marvel comics properties – Jojo’s bizarre adventure series – Bleach – Naruto -- One Piece

Exempt from Rule 34 fee:
If it's not listed above, then it doesn't require the fee...for now.

Banned - things I will NEVER “rule 34”, so please do not ask:
Disney main characters – ANY characters in a feral form (i.e. pokemon (feral) - My little ponies (feral), etc.) – Simpsons – South Park – Any webcomic series (that does not belong to you) - Steven Universe


| How long can I expect a response after sending in a order?
  • Read the info of the art service in question.

Please do not email me to inquire if I received it or not. I did. A message should appear once you click the submit button on the form. That let’s you know I got it.


| Do you accept tips/donations?

See "tip" under "orders" tab.
– Yes, yes I do. I certainly won’t stop you if you want to pay me more.
– PLEASE, leave tips only through the above section.


| Why do you charge a tax?

Paypal, and possibly all other payment processors in the USA, must report their customers income (if more than $20,000 yearly) to the IRS:https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=marketing_us/IRS6050W


Which means I’m forced to pay taxes, otherwise I’ll be penalized: And from what I understand, the penalty will be far more painful to my livelihood than submitting and filing taxes before they contact me themselves.

Basically, I have to put money aside for my yearly USA “rent”. And to ensure I’m able to pay my current rent and bills, I must apply taxes to compensate. PLEASE understand.

I adjust the tax only once a year, based on the previous year.


| What are the terms for getting a fydbac original character (outside of the characo and adoptable services)?
  • When you put ‘Artist reign’ or provide no visual ref under ‘Character ref’, that becomes a fydbac original design.

  • If it’s not too much trouble, please credit me (with a link) as the designer of your new character.

  • If having someone else work with said character, please have that person credit me as the designer as well. (not mandatory, but it’ll be greatly appreciated.)

  • Both of the above is for promotional reasons, to spread the word about my services


| What counts as a Character / extra character (besides humanoid/animals/anthro)? 

Any object big enough that it is (or shares) the focus of the piece. That means, it’s not just an accessory, like “huge object” (see key terms below).

| Do you charge a fee for making revisions (making changes to a finished commission)? 

For the services that do not say “no revisions”, there is a fee:

  • 1-7 day window for original PSD access (No promises).  

  • Revision fee  + [if needed] 'add-on' fee(s)  PSD fee

    • 'add-on' = patterns, extra limbs, shading, etc. See exact service for (+...) rates and options.

    • PSD fee = only If I no longer have the PSD file, and you want me to go over the hi-res jpg instead.


  1. Go to the "tip jar" under the "order" tab and input the full fee. [Feel free to email me beforehand to check.]

  2. Please be sure to mention the sketch number (overnight 1200, stream 1555, etc.), your request*, AND your email.

  3. Submit payment.

  4. Give me up to 7 business days to tackle your request.

______Revision fees______

sketch commissions: 

  • $15 – If you want something small added or changed that you didn’t mention (or were not clear on) in your direction or reference. No matter how small.

  • $20 – If you selected “fydbac reign” or “Semi fydbac reign” in the direction section, but want a revision of any kind, no matter how small.

Pro commissions:

  • See ‘Pro’ section.

______To be added to the above (if needed)______

  • PSD fee = +$20 

  • Big revisions (different pose (even if just an arm) or clothing) = +$25 

* If your request is complicated (you decide that), it may be best to simply order a new commission.

| How can I get a process video of my order? 

Go to the commission service you are interested in, and be sure to add the option if available. If a service does not offer it, then it won't be mentioned in the order form/store (please don't ask me to add it).

  • Patreon sponsor | Human(+) tier:  free / $0.01 (if ordering on fydbac.com)

  • All other clients: must pay a small fee (see service order form).

I must add a fee because, by default, I take time to prep it and it expedites the delivery.

*This a brand new offer, so the fee is discounted for the time being.

| What is the difference between 'pro+com' and 'music s.video'? 


  • Entire process (beginning to end)

  • Speed up (so it's rarely more than 20min or so)

  • Commentary (I talk of my thoughts during the creation)

'music s.video':

  • ONLY available with music sketch orders (see 'sketch service' section in f.a.q.).

  • Entire process (beginning to end)

  • Speed up so it'll be about as long as the provided song.

  • NO commentary voice over



I prefer one gets their tattoo design from me if they intend to have me also be the tattooist. But that is just a preference, not a strict policy (yet). I am currently working on having my own studio space.

| How long will it be till you have your own space to tattoo, and where?

Where? Downtown Vancouver, WA, USA. http://fydmi.ink

When? Please be sure to sign-up for the newsletter to keep in touch!

| Will there be any benefit to waiting for your shop (besides the designer and tattooer being the same person)?

DEFINITELY! I understand the sacrifice one will do in waiting and traveling for me (not to mention the honor I’d feel). So if one does decide to wait for me:
— Depending on the size and detailing, I will offer to do the tattoo for either no charge or half my rate.


| Can I still order a tattoo design from you if you are not the tattoo artist?
  • Yes, though I do prefer I am the tattooist who translate my own design, it will not become an official policy till I open my studio.

  • I definitely encourage you to share who you are considering to be your tattoo artist though: as I have seen too many of my designs translated…unjustly. And so would be honored to help point you towards who I think would do a worthy translation.


| I want one of your existing work as a tattoo, may I buy it/have you tattoo it on me?
  • If it is posted online, NO!

  • I strongly follow the belief that tattoos are supposed to be unique for the wearer alone. So I will NEVER give permission for anyone to get a tattoo of any design I have posted online, or have published and sold. You may inquire about buying a piece simply for your art collection, but you will not have my permission or blessing to have it tattooed on you.

  • Please don’t disregard my wishes and get it tattooed anyway: that would be HIGHLY disrespectful, and I would think low of you, whether or not you came clean about it. There is no excuse in getting a design you found on the internet rather than getting one custom for you alone.

  • The ONLY WAY you’ll have my blessing to get one of my designs tattooed on you, is for you to commission me to create a design just for you alone (see service tab for details).

  • This is not only to respect the spirit of the art form, but also to help ensure you are not getting an already used design tattooed on you (Though I do not give permission, there are dishonorable and uncreative people around the internet ; Several of which were brought to my attention, but who knows just how many I DON’T know about)).


Professional quality artwork | preliminaries . revisions . client feedback
| How are your PRO services different from sketch services?
  • PRO is professional: you get my full potential and TIME

  • PRO is open to client feedback and insights along the path to finishing the piece


| May I get a quote on what my proposed project will cost?

No; Pro services only provide flat-rates at the moment.


| What can I get as a pro commission?

Go to PRO page for order forms (which lists all the rates, options, etc.)

  • Illustration = illustration, character profile, pin-up, etc.

  • Tattoo design = tattoo design for wall piece or actual tattooing (see FAQ ‘tattoo design’ section for stipulations)

  • Concept design = character reference sheet (front + back view, head shots, special items, etc.), + optional Clothing (or Armor) and weapon designs based on your directions.

  • Comic = fydbac comic [layout and [optional]story] featuring your character(s)

  • Custom wear = I paint original work on shoes, hats, etc.


| Is there a wait-list for Pro?
  • There is NO wait-list for any pro service.

  • I only accept a limited number at a time, Once slots are filled, I will close the order form and post a journal on FA and DA with those I accepted.

  • If you do not get a slot, please feel free to submit again once I re-open. Re-submitters get priority when I re-open.


| Why require deposits? How much is the deposit? Where does it go towards? 

Deposits insure I am compensated, even if the client decides to cancel the order at the preliminary stage. See the PRO price sheet to see how much the deposit is.

  • DOES NOT go towards your final rate.

  • Covers preliminary sketches, and compensation if you should decide to cancel the project.


| Is there a deadline for Pro?

There is a generalized time-frame, but no exact date is provided at this time. You have two options:

  • Standard = Whatever is mentioned in the invoice (no less than 1 month, no more than 2 months).

  • Expedited = Requires a fee (priced in order form)! It guarantees your project will be given priority, and (if you are prompt with email stages (see below) the piece will be finished within 2 – 3 weeks.


| What if you are late on a deadline (sketch or pro)? / When should I contact you?
  • I’m rarely ever late on a pro project if an exact date is set beforehand.

  • On the off chance I am delayed, I will send update emails no less than twice a month: which typically just says it's still on my plate.

  • Please allow no less than ONE MONTH of no update from me before emailing me: at that point, you'd know for sure the emails were eaten or you missed it (check spam and search "fydbac").

  • Please don’t email me before that time: as it’s distracting, and if I had something, I would have sent it. So emailing me about it will incur no results besides me saying “I’m sorry I’m delayed, please be patient”.


| Pro commission process...

It may vary for each service: but the general steps are about the same:

  • Each “stage” is each email I will send you.

  • Invoice #: if the point I will send you an invoice. I will not advance to the next stage until the invoice is fulfilled.

  • Stage #/end = Your reply to each stage. I will not advance to the next stage until I get your reply. Some stages will have no Stage #end.



  • Stage 01: Confirmation/summary email is sent for your verification.

    • Invoice 1: deposit

  • Stage 02: 2 or 3 preliminary sketches

    • stage/end: Your approved selection + 1 revision request

    • Invoice 2: 1st half of payment

  • Stage 03: Line-art

    • stage/end: Your approval + 1 revision request (Last chance to cancel project)

  • Stage 03-b*: flat color (plus possibly some shading)

    • Invoice 3: 2nd/final half of payment

  • Stage 04: Final (low-res) Artwork for approval

    • stage/end: Your approval + 1 (small) revision request

  • Stage 05: Final (hi-res) artwork delivery

    • stage/end: Your confirmation of delivery

*If you ordered line-art only, clearly, simply ignore the color stages.

  • I will not go back and forth with the client. That means, I will not question your reply to each stage. I will simply take your word as is, and do the best I can with it.

  • It is the CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to be clear and precise with their wording.

  • I will only accept ONE email reply after each stage. I will give 24hours for you to “fix” your reply. After 24hours, any other reply will be ignored, no exceptions.

  • Stage 2/end is the final chance for you to cancel the project. If we continue, you contractually agree to honor the remaining invoices to come by their given deadline.

If you don’t understand something: DO NOT SUBMIT THE ORDER: EMAIL ME TO INQUIRE. By submitting the form, you consent that you understand everything, and cannot hold me responsible if you express no knowledge of a detail later.


| How much would additional revisions cost? *NEW*

+$15 per revision, no matter how small. Unless otherwise stated in the order form.


| What is the ‘Straightway program’ mentioned in the PRO order form?

Just like with Hourly rates, Flat rate has it’s own downside as well. This program is meant to help counter that.

If your total is of a certain amount, you have an option to lower it in exchange for far less client feedback throughout the PRO process of the piece. So if you choose this, Your $total is lowered, but…

  • no approval stages after the preliminaries

  • no wip shots, even at ‘Stage 03’.

  • no input (no revision requests) is allowed until I deliver the preview of the final.

  • ONE small revision allowed at final preview.

  • Without the input stages, your piece is a straight a way process. You see the prelims, and the final product only.


The $ off is mentioned in the order form. It varies as to how much your total is lowered and to which service may offer it at any given time. If a service does not offer it in the order form, please don’t ask for it.

PRO services

Sketch quality artwork | NO preliminaries . NO revisions . client feedback
| What is the difference between the sketch services?

See: sketch services page.

  • Iron-sketch [illustration] rate starts @$20

    • Cheapest (and simplest) of all my services. Deadline mentioned in info.

  • Day-sketch [illustration, concept design, tattoo design (see tattoo design section for stipulations), comics/sequential] rate starts @$25

    • Traditional sketches (pencil, pen, etc.) that have the option of having the original mailed by post to you. Deadline for delivery is one day: where each item you add to your order (another character/subject, sequence, background), adds a day to the deadline. Example: 2 characters in 2 sequences = 4 days

  • Stream sketch [illustration, concept design] rate starts @$25

    • Digital sketches done live through a streaming client (join.me, picarto, etc.). Sketched and delivered the same day.

  • Overnight sketch [illustration, concept design] rate starts @$25

    • Like stream sketch, but not done live (where you can watch). Sketched and delivered by the following day.

  • Characo sketch [concept design] rate starts @$30

    • fydbac character designs based off of one-word prompts from the client. Deadline from invoice payment is mentioned in the info/invoice: Usually 14 business days, but see invoice for official.

  • Adoptable egg [concept design] rate starts @$35

    • You buy an “egg” design, and I “hatch” it (you DO NOT see the hatched design until delivery: A fydbac character designs based off of one-word prompts from the client. Deadline from invoice payment is mentioned in the info/invoice: Usually 14 business days, but see invoice for official.

  • Model adopt [pre-made concept design]rate varies: usually @ $25

    • You adopt a pre-made character design, full-hi-res delivery the same day as payment. Unless you purchase add-ons, which pushes delivery to a mentioned deadline.

  • tailor-made [concept design, character ref sheet] rate starts @$30

    • fydbac fashion designs based off of one-word prompts from the client. Can also be a character reference service if you choose to have your own character as the mannequin for the clothing. Deadline from invoice payment is mentioned in the info/invoice: Usually 14 business days,but see invoice for official.


| How long does it take you to do a single character (no color) sketch?

From idea to finish (for line-art single character); about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on details.


| May I request a envelope sketch/ How much do you charge for envelope sketches?

I do not accept requests, nor do I charge, for envelope sketches. They are done purely for my own satisfaction. Please don’t ever ask for it, or try to make a suggestion. If mentioned at all in your commission submission, I WILL NOT sketch on your envelope.

The best way to get one is to request one of my commissions (standard, 24hr, or custom shoes/hat) and select the option to have it mailed to you. Remember, do not mention my envelop sketches. If you do, you won’t get one.


| What are Music sketches? How can I order it?

I use a song as inspiration for a sketch with your character. NO further direction is allowed. My complete creative freedom is what drives it.

This particular service comes and goes at my whim, without warning. If it's available, it'll be through a sketch service: you'll see it clearly offered within the form/store. Please note:

  • I typically do not announce when or where I offer it. Please don't ask me about it.

  • It's usually in either day sketch or overnight sketch. I make no promises, best to go to the order form/store yourself to see.


| Is there a wait-list for sketch services?

Yes, for some. The wait time varies for each service: See service order form for more info.


| Is there a deadline for sketch services?

Yes. The deadline varies for each service: See service order form for more info.

sketch services


terms used in order forms

  • fydbac reign = Besides clothing and pose, you are giving me control over the characters’ design: I can do anything with them: redesign them, change their species, etc.. I look at only the visual for influence. Mentioning anything else concerning the concept (height, color, tattoo, etc.) is irrelevant. DO NOT PICK THIS if you want your character to look like it’s given reference or you want me to follow your description exactly in any aspect.

  • semi-fydbac reign = I only have control over clothing, posing, and accessories. No altercations will be made to the character design. 

  • client direction = You input your direction: pose, action, design change, clothing specifics, etc.. Be mindful, each service allows a different word limit for this section.

  • Hex code = precise color code selection for art programs. The following links can help in your search, and even in finding a pleasing combination of colors!

  • ONE WORDS: Any prompt for "one word" (or any number of words), means exactly that number. No loopholes are permitted: no "/", "-", or etc.. You risk me refunding/ canceling the order without further warning.


gallery submissions

  • wdo = written description only. Where the client provides NO visual reference, and I design a character based on written description alone.

Image rating

  • PG = No nudity, No violence, simple blood okay: bruises, nose bleeds, paper cuts, etc.

  • R = Nudity, non-sexualized, no erections, no cum, etc., Mild violence: Blood, external injuries, no gore

  • NC-17 = Porn (penetration, cum, spreading cheeks, etc.). Extreme violence: Gore (guts hanging, bone piercing skin, etc.)

file types

  • coloring book jpg = along with the regular stream sketch background theme, I’ll send you a black lines on white background copy (for you to color or etc.. I may forget, so if I don’t send it, please remind me before the next stream start (at which point the psd will be saved over).
    COLORED reference pics if you have them.

  • png = a version of your piece with a transparent background. Line of color, your character will be solid. If you want just lines, see "coloring book".


  • Front package = front view clothes and underwear

  • Clothes package = front and back view clothes

  • Sleepwear (formerly termed underwear) package = front and back view sleepwear

  • Full package = front and back view clothes and sleepwear

  • Layered = more than 4 items of clothing. (Example: 3 piece suit)

  • armor/layered clothing = battle armor; half or full-body, and any clothing with numerous layers and accessories.

Order form

  • + = Add price to total rate.

  • Partial body = Will only sketch half of the character(s) body: hips and above. No genitals. 

  • Full Body = Will sketch character(s) body anywhere from feet to ankles upward.

  • ea. = Each (character, pair, etc)

  • Subject =Anything that will share the spotlight of the art work: character, animal, object, etc.

  • Sketch to Pro: If you make this selection in PRO: simply input the sketch name# in the direction section. Example: adopt01-03, overnight750, etc.

  • Reference links: preferably ONLY FOR CHARACTERS or personally designed/ordered subjects. Not for general subjects (example: flowers, symbols, etc.). Links to subjects you didn't create/order is okay for sketch commissions, but only if have me approve it before submitting an order. 


Add-on terms: If you are not sure if your character requires a fee, simply ask yourself: is it a pain in the ass to do?

  • process video = process video of your commission. See f.a.q. 'commission' section above for more info.

  • Tentacles = Three random tentacles, (from creature not shown in sketch), playing with character(s)

  • Patterns = characters with detailed body patterns (stripes, spots, SCALES, etc.). If more than FIVE individual markings, add the pattern fee . If you do not add this fee for a character that qualifies, I will not add the DETAILING.

  • Colorful = characters with FIVE or more colors on their bodies (not including eyes). If you do not add this fee for a character that qualifies, I will limit the coloring.

    • If character is both patterned AND colorful, you must select both add-ons.

  • Tattoo = Bigger than the characters palm.

    • This is NOT part of the “Patterns/Colorful” fee.

  • Rule 34 = see above.

  • Close-up / Internal shot = An insert at the corner of the full sketch (mainly added to NC-17 sketches).

    • close-up insert = a mini illustration in the corner of a piece of a zoom-in view of a body part. Usually nc-17

    • internal insert = usually nc-17: a mini-close-up illustration in the corner of a piece, shows how penetration of any kind looks if x-rayed.

  • Scars = More than a few: a series of scars that cover different parts, or a majority portion, of the body.

  • Extra limbs: If MORE than 1 pair of a limb (arms, legs, wings, tentacles, etc.),  a fee is applied for every count of two.

    • So insects, octopuses, etc, will most likely require a fee.

    • One exception: 4 legged non-humanoid does not require a fee.

    • Example: centaur = no fee, 2 dicks = no fee., 3 dicks = +$fee(x1), 5 dicks = +$fee(x2), 6 dicks = +$fee(x2), 7 dicks = +$fee(x3), etc.

  • Extra object: You are entitled to request ONE specific item per character. But If you want to specify more than one, then select this add-on. (no matter what size: a helmet, weapon, toy, shield, etc.). Fee is applied to each extra object you specify.

  • Huge Object = an object at least half the size or bigger than the character by width and by length (so does not include long + thin objects, like a long sword.). Basically ask yourself: Is it so big it could be considered a second character?


——background terms

  • background effect = petals, wind, smoke, fog, or, etc.

  • minimum background = irezumi waves / splash, water, blurred, little detailing.

  • full background = landscapes (city, etc.), detailing.


——colored sketch

  • If providing a link for reference, please only submit COLORED reference pics if you have them.

  • Even just “black eyes” are considered color, and will require the “color” option.

  • For “pattern” and/or “colorful fee, just ask yourself: Will it be a pain in the ass to do? If yes, then add the fee.


——character limit / word limits

  • Character Limit: if you try to cheat by using “-“,”/”, or the like, or even turning one word into two, I will refund and delete your order without warning.

  • It’s VERY annoying when people try to make two words into one: like taking out the space between two words, use hyphens, plus signs (+), slashes (/), equal signs, things like ” w/ ” or “(….)”, etc. Use common sense and don’t try to get around it.


——How to give a great “direction”

  • Follow the word limit! If more than that, your request and payment WILL be canceled.

  • PLEASE DONT BE REDUNDANT. If providing both an image and written description, please make sure the written part ONLY mentions what the image does not show clearly. DO NOT mention clothing if ‘Artist reign’ is given.

  • Be direct! Do not ask questions of any kind! NO “Can you please,…?”, “would it be possible…?” etc.

  • BE DIRECT! No wording like, “Maybe…”, “possibly…”, “…or…”, etc. Do not give me options, especially if you have a preference of any kind.

  • Do not use things like “if possible..” That wastes your word limit. Just tell me what you want to see

  • Do not try to cheat the character/ word limit!

  • Don’t take it upon yourself to go against what the form requests. If you disregard the given directions (like go beyond what is requested), then I will take that as disrespect and ignore your order and refund your payment (if sent) without warning.

  • Provide ONLY what is requested. Ref link and description, etc. No side note or “you worked on this character before” etc.

  • Anything you don’t mention, is clearly up to me: so please don’t say things like “All other things are up to the artist”, “…Anything else is up to you” etc.: It’s redundant and annoying to state the obvious.

Please note, if you ignore/ disregard any of my requests, then I will disregard your order and refund your payment (if sent) without warning.



  • Please use common sense and don’t try and find loopholes in the form. That’ll really piss me off.

  • I’m afraid I do not have time to check if your character requires a fee or not, so I will trust your judgement: Feel free to email me first if not sure. Which is why I will be mad if it is clear your character requires a fee(s), but the fee(s) was not added, and you later say something like, “I wasn’t sure/ I didn’t know”.

REMEMBER: PLEASE take your time in filling out the forms. Do not feel out if high, drunk, or sleepy.

key terms


FOR ANY FYDBAC CREATION: illustration, concept designs, comics, etc...

.fydbac, llc maintains full rights for original creations unless stated otherwise. 

.Clients automatically have co-ownership, excluding profit/commercial/publication rights).

| What are the rights for fydbac artwork (illustration, concept design, etc.)?
  • Client | The person/company who commissioned or ordered an original piece made solely by Jainai Jeffries: Co-ownership (with fydbac, llc) of all rights (excluding profit, commercial, and publication): repost, recolor, preliminary design base, reproduction, any non-profit projects.

  • fydbac, llc | The sole creator of said artwork. Exclusive rights to profit (excluding reselling), commercial, and publication. Co-owner of all other non-profit rights (see above). 

The work is made for you, the client, to co-own for personal entertainment only. 

I would love to see whatever reincarnations are made (re-color, comic, story, etc.). The rights to use the given artwork for commercial (profitable) reasons of stricly prohibited, and exclusive to fydbac, llc .

If you wish to have full rights (which include profit, commercial, and publication), see the info below.

If you no longer wish to play with your fydbac designed character, then please see below for details.

| [concerning adopt and characo characters] Do we share the species and the design, Or just the character design?

ALL fydbac species are a closed species: they are exclusively owned by fydbac, llc. We share only the character design. Which means the following is strictly prohibited:

  • Taking any claim in the species. 

  • Creating a new character of the same species.

  • Alter the species (see criteria on how to acquire full rights below).

    • Design (physical) nor Specs (species details).

| Can I color / re-color an artwork I ordered from you?

As mentioned, yes, but with any transaction, you agree that under any circumstances, there is to be...

  • NO profit

  • NO redistribution

  • NO repurposing

  • NO removal of any signature/stamp/hanko/watermark and etc.

  • NO violation of my rights as the creator, owner, and copyright holder.

If you wish to share online, you are legally bound to request my explicit permission beforehand, ( commissioned art clients automatically have my permission). Email me your coloring and intent for approval. If permission is granted, you must include a clearly visible credit and link back to me; you must explicitly mention it is a collaboration with me as the line-art creator.

| What do I do if someone uses the work without either of our permission?

Feel free to point out the violation to me, and I will take care of it if you need me to step in.

With co-ownership, all client ordered work reside under fydbac, llc and the laws that protect it.

| How do I acquire full rights to an illustration / concept design ( characo, adopt, wdo, etc.)/ comic, etc.?

As mentioned, I maintain profit/commercial rights for all my work (concept, illustration, etc.), but I'm co-owner with the client in all other rights, (reproduction, non-profit use, etc.). Filling out the form and sending payment acts as your full agreement to all terms in the f.a.q., service info, and checkout/invoice.If you wish to be the sole owner (where I release all my rights, exclusive and co-ownership), there are one of two options:

1. you evolve the design

If you want exclusive rights without signing a licensing contract with me, then you must evolve the work that I, Jainai Jeffries, believe is at least 75% different than the original: simply email me to get approval. To gain approval, I must see the character (and in some cases, species), as being totally different from the original (not sharing any distinct traits in design or detail).

2. licensing fee | $300-$2000 for 12 months : 

This releases my exclusive rights and co-ownership for the given work as is or alterations of up to 70%. Making you sole owner for as long as the contract dictates. The fee depends heavily on the order in question (concept design, characo, illustration, t-shirt design, etc.).


  • During the initial 12 months, you are the sole owner: free to use it in any commercial/ profitable endeavors until it's time to renew the contract. At the end of the term, profit rights for the work and full species rights transfer back to me exclusively: you keep reproduction rights until you decide to give the design away ( see above). If I wish to do anything with the design, (like publish), I'd need your permission.

  • Species rights, typically for any concept designs: during the contract, I would not be able to make any characters of the species without your permission. If you made different characters of the species during the contract, you keep said character designs, but the species rights transfers back to me exclusively.

  • A few stipulations would be included: such as no resale without my approval, no claiming to be the creator of the species/work as is, etc.

| What is your policy on clients reposting the work you do for them?

Please feel free to post any work I do for you as long as you include proper credit: my icon link (if available), or my pen name followed by a link to one of my galleries.

| No longer playing with your fydbac concept design (characo/adopt/pro/fashion/etc)?

As per our contract (invoice), you are prohibited from re-selling the character(s) designed by Jainai Jeffries/fydbac. If found out, legal action will be taken. Please review your invoice (our contract) and the service info page for further details you legally agreed upon with your purchase.

There is one acceptable way to put the character to use if you no longer wish to play with it:

Design trade
You can trade designs with someone (does not need to be another fydbac design), or simply give it to them.

In either case, you will be relinquishing your co-owner rights to the design. As me and the owner share rights (except for profit/commercial), I require to keep track of who is the co-owner. BOTH ‘current’ and ‘new’ owner must submit the online form below.


fydbac design: transfer request


The submitted forms will allow me to properly record the new owner of the character (and their rights) and also to verify the transfer. It is highly suggested you send the new owner a link to the info page/ faq so they will know exactly what rights they have.

When transfer is complete, the previous owner will have no further ownership of the character in any form.

I request this much because I care about keeping track of where my designs go, and would not like to think a stranger stole it. Plus, this ensures all parties have a record of the transfer.

I’m afraid any other option would be too much of a hassle to consider for either of us. If you have any further questions about the above, please let me now.

| Rights concerning work for profitable means: t-shirts, concepts, book covers, etc.?

See below.

| What about use for non-profit; groups events, communities, etc.: ?

To avoid the lease provision mentioned, feel free to contact me to discuss it.

Unless stated otherwise

No refunds or returns unless stated otherwise in the service information page.



Your private info is not shared in any way shape or form.



Estimated delivery is up to two months unless stated otherwise.
All mail has an extra surprise artwork on the cover, so physical good delivery can be slow.
If you do not receive an email within 2 months confirming your art is in the mail, please email me.


  • Email is prefered. Please do not message me through different platforms saying the same thing; unless 1 full month have passed without a reply from me.

  • I usually reply within 24 hours (about 90% of the time).


... before/ after placing any order

I ONLY follow the info provided in the Order form. I DO NOT follow any info OUTSIDE of the order form.

NO MATTER WHAT IS DISCUSSED IN CORRESPONDENCE, I WILL ONLY FULFILL WHAT IS IN THE ORDER FORM. For instance: if I make a suggestion on the wording of your "direction", consider it very carefully before approving, as that alone is what I will be following. 


... if missed deadline

If you believe me to be late on a piece, please follow this checklist:

1. Check your invoice for the delivery time duration.

2. Please allow no less than TWO WEEKS of no update from me before emailing me.

Please don’t email me before that time: it’s distracting, and if I had something, I would have sent it. So emailing me about it will incur no results besides me saying “I’m sorry I’m delayed, please be patient”.


Please take note:

  • Stream is NEVER late, and Overnight sketches are RARELY late (in which case, I always email the client within 12 hours). Triple check your email, spam, search for “stream” or “overnight”. If you still can’t find it after the time limit has passed, then feel free to email me to request I resend it.

  • Because Pro projects come before all sketch commissions services, I am sometimes delayed. I email within 1 week of a missed deadline to update the client.

Though a deadline is a deadline no matter the project type (sketch or pro), I cannot keep a continuous update on sketch commissions as I would Pro. I ask you keep more patience for sketch commissions, and do not distract me before the two week window mentioned above.



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